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Found in Top Lists from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on January 22 2013.

Below is a list of videos and scripts that are perfect to include throughout a marriage conference weekend or seminar series. These videos and scripts are designed to be ice breakers, conversation starters or offer snippets of marriage life to reflect on. We hope you find this collection of marriage videos and skits helpful as you put together your conference or marriage seminar.

Marriage Promise Video

Marriage is complicated, yet beautifully simple. Use this movie to illustrate the value of holiness over happiness in this sacred union of souls.

Killer Marriage Tips Video

Johnny and Chachi team up with special guest Gary Smalley to share some more killer marriage tips. From communication to finances, these guys are full of marriage advice sure to help any husband.

Love Words Video

Two friends are choosing cards for their wives. One thinks he’s the “wife-whisperer” who knows what women want, but the other just wants to tell his wife what’s in his heart.

Love Life Video

1 Corinthians 13 shares the truest definition of love, and that love takes on a deeper meaning as we get older. This heartwarming mini-movie takes a peak at how this can play out in real life. Perfect for Valentines Day or any message on love.

Mercy: Husband and Wife Video

A husband and wife discover the pain of giving and receiving mercy after an affair.

Vision Video

The perfect tool to help you launch a marriage ministry, support a sermon on family or marriage, recruit and inspire volunteers, or simply introducing the need for the church to help marriages.

Romantically Challenged Video

A group of men gather to discuss their lack of romantic inclinations, when a more evolved member of the group reveals that the secret to romance is simply being there for your wife. Includes: Director’s Cut 6.5 min, Short Cut 4 min, and a Two Part Cut.

Top 10 Questions Husbands Should Never Answer Video

Give your audience the great surprise of Jeff Foxworthy’s wise warning to all husbands. (Yes, this is really Jeff Foxworthy!)

needHarmony: Definition of Love Video

There are some real humdinger definitions of love out there and the Skit Guys have come up with a hilarious parody commercial that shows just how crazy love can be! How do you define love? Is it a dozen roses with a box of candy? Or dinner and a long walk on the beach? Maybe it’s something simple like your husband finally doing the dishes for once or your wife giving you an extra 15 minutes to finish that last level of Guitar Hero. Grab a copy of “Need Harmony” for your Valentine’s Day event today!

Romance Tips by Jeff Foxworthy Video

Jeff Foxworthy passes on some ideas that you might need to work on your romance.

Without Love Video

What is love again? This simple, emotional video asks us to rethink that question by imaging life without it. Great for a sermon starter or for preceding a call to worship which includes a passage that describes true, biblical love (e.g., 1 Cor. 13:4-8). Also appropriate leading into teaching about Valentine’s Day or marriage and family life.

The Story of Sex Video

An inventive introduction to the topic of sex that transitions perfectly into a sermon or discussion.

Happy Homes Express Script

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could order your spouse like you order a pizza?

Characters: 1
Length: 1-3 minutes

Sleeping With The Enemy Script

A husband and wife struggle with a basic of marriage - getting to sleep at night. He snores, she can’t sleep. But the wife refuses to sleep separately. She’s afraid that doing so could cause their marriage to fade away.

Characters: 2
Length: 6-8 minutes

Date Night with the Newlyweds Script

Veteran married couple, Jack and Jan, have dinner with newlyweds, Todd and Lauren, and good advice abounds.

Characters: 4
Length: 6-8 minutes

Date Your Mate Script

A date night reveals that being connected to the outside world is killing their connection to each other.

Characters: 2
Length: 3-6 minutes

File Away Script

A fun look at an awkward visit to a counselor reveals all the things that the couple has been filing away.

Characters: 2
Length: 3-5 minutes

Ruts Script

After getting his car stuck in a rut, a husband begins to realize that his marriage is also stuck in a rut…but some ruts are good ones.

Characters: 2
Length: 5-7 minutes

Getting to Know You Script

Over a birthday dinner at a restaurant, a well-meaning wife gives her husband the unexpected gift of a session with communication counselors.

Characters: 5
Length: 8-10 minutes

My Side of the Story Script

A husband and a wife, both speak directly to the audience, as to one person. They are both telling their side of the same story. This should have a fast-paced “Reader’s Theatre” (yet memorized) feel to it.

Characters: 2
Length: 4-6 minutes

Say Anything Script

Every wife wants to hear her husband’s thoughts…but not ALL of them. In this lighthearted piece, a wife advises husbands on what not to say.

Characters: 1
Length: 4-6 minutes

Beyond Justice Script

A husband comes home to discover his wife, who has had an affair, about to leave. He challenges her to stay, to receive his forgiveness and love.

Characters: 2
Length: 4-6 minutes

The Box Script

Cliff and Em begin their journey into marriage full of love and romantic dreams, but also aware that things won’t always be easy. Many years later, they find their fears coming true and struggle just to hold things together. Can they find the “glue”?

Characters: 2
Length: 10-15 minutes

What Are The Odds? Script

A married couple is about to take the next step in their journey to parenthood, but not without some apprehensions.

Characters: 2
Length: 6-8 minutes

Trust Me! Script

A marriage that is offered to God is taken back piece by pieces.

Characters: 2-3
Length: 5-7 minutes

I Do! Part 1 Script

The conflict of mixed up marital expectations.

Characters: 2
Length: 3-5 minutes

I Do! Part 2 Script

An old couple speaks of live, love, and lessons learned over the past 50 years.

Characters: 2
Length: 4-6 minutes

Lowered Expectations Script

A newlywed couple meets their church assigned jaded mentor couple for the first time.

Characters: 4
Length: 6-7 minutes

Marriage Promise Script

A married couple humorously share the frustrations of marriage, while reminding the audience that marriage is holy and worth fighting for.

Characters: 2
Length: 5-7 minutes

Mercy: Husband and Wife Script

Samuel and Madison discover the pain of giving and receiving mercy.

Characters: 2
Length: 6-8 minutes

Hold the Rock Script

A husband and father is trying his best to balance family and work, but he finds that work seems to be his priority and his family ends up suffering for it.

Characters: 3
Length: 5-7 minutes

I Never Told Her Script

A widowed husband runs into a friend who’s concerned about the husband and his two sons being without their mother. The husband realizes a lot of things he never told his wife.

Characters: 2
Length: 3-5 minutes

Too Hot to Handle Script

Todd is the spender. Nan is the one who keeps up with their finances. So when Todd surprises Nan with a brand new over-the-top barbeque grill, things get just a little headed.

Characters: 2
Length: 4-6 minutes

Romantically Challenged Script

A group of men gather to discuss their lack of romantic inclinations, when a more evolved member of the group reveals that the secret to romance is simply being there for your wife.

Characters: 7
Length: 5-6 minutes

Romance Class Script

Several men and one inept wife attend a class on romance hoping to be able to speak the language of love better, but we quickly learn that the teacher has her hands full.

Characters: 5
Length: 4-6 minutes

Love Words Script

Two friends are choosing cards for their wives. One thinks he’s the “wifewhisperer” who knows what women want, but the other just wants to tell his wife what’s in his heart.

Characters: 2
Length: 2-3 minutes

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