The Skit Guys

The Skinny on Love
  • Present Day Parables: The Good and Bad

    Present Day Parables: The Good and Bad

    Characters: 5
    Length: 6
    A modern day spin is given to two parables that Jesus told about separating the good and the bad. In scene 1, Danny and Darla are moving more

  • Jesus in the Old Testament

    Jesus in the Old Testament

    Characters: 3
    Length: 8
    We celebrate the coming of Jesus at Christmas by reading about His birth in the New Testament. But do we ever think about Jesus being more

  • The Hecka Big and Super Shiny Crown

    The Hecka Big and Super Shiny Crown

    Characters: 8+
    Length: 30-40
    Three young woodland critters are given a most important assignment: safely deliver the King’s beautiful crown to him without losing more

  • God’s G-Race

    God’s G-Race

    Characters: 20+
    Gracie is a young and talented athlete competing in this year’s “G-Games”. She has a devoted supporter and teammate in her heaven more

  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    Characters: 6+
    Length: 10
    Miss Pickles teaches her class a few facts about the faith and missions of Christopher Columbus. more

  • Wooly Bully Part 2

    Wooly Bully Part 2

    Characters: 5
    Length: 6
    Willie and the gang find out why Robert the Bully is such a bully and that Robert is ready for a big change of heart. (This is a sequel more

  • Wooly Bully

    Wooly Bully

    Characters: 5
    Length: 10
    Willie is afraid of Robert, the bully, but after facing him he finds out that God’s got his back. more

  • Five Dollars

    Five Dollars

    Characters: 2
    Length: 6
    Willie is really excited when he finds a five-dollar bill! But when he finds out that Susie has lost her five-dollar bill, will he do more

  • Semicolon


    Characters: 1
    Length: 3
    After surviving a suicide attempt, a girl questions her future and relationship with God. This sketch was used as an intro to Ruth 1 to more

  • Back to Cool

    Back to Cool

    Characters: 4
    Length: 4
    Back to school is often about going back to cool. Teens have lots of big dreams and bright hopes starting a new school year and lots of more

  • Interview With a Bully

    Interview With a Bully

    Characters: 2
    Length: 2
    To get a better idea of his perspective, a reporter interviews a bully and uncovers his weakness in the process. more

  • The Advocates

    The Advocates

    Characters: 10+
    Does your VBS program need an extra volt of adventure and excitement? Then plug into this new VBS skit pack, THE ADVOCATES. Designed to more

  • Camp Sonrise: Script Pack

    Camp Sonrise: Script Pack

    Characters: 17+
    Length: 6-18
    Join the kids at Camp Sonrise in a series of adventures and lessons in this 5 script series for your VBS or Children’s Camp. more

  • Camp Sonrise: God is With Joseph

    Camp Sonrise: God is With Joseph

    Characters: 17
    Length: 18
    This is a fun telling of Joseph the dreamer, and how God was always with him, even through some really awful circumstances! more

  • Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

    Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

    Characters: 14
    Length: 5
    The kids at Camp Sonrise are taking an evening hike, but are finding it hard to find their way in the dark. This is a fun telling of the more

  • Camp Sonrise: Rahab Helps the Lost

    Camp Sonrise: Rahab Helps the Lost

    Characters: 9
    Length: 8
    The kids at Camp Sonrise have just finished a game to see who can make it back to the campsite first and learn that it’s easier to more

  • Camp Sonrise: The Lost Sheep is Rescued

    Camp Sonrise: The Lost Sheep is Rescued

    Characters: 9
    Length: 8
    The kids at Camp Sonrise have quite a scare when a camper goes missing! Once found, they learn about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd and more

  • Camp Sonrise: The Wandering Israelites

    Camp Sonrise: The Wandering Israelites

    Characters: 8
    Length: 6
    The kids at Camp Sonrise have been wandering around the woods for what seems like days, even though it’s only been a short time, more

  • Piece of Glass

    Piece of Glass

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4
    What defines us? What determines our worth? Linda has a conversation with her reflection. As her value is challenged, she recognizes her more

  • Missing Christmas

    Missing Christmas

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4
    Sara and Becca try to coordinate their holiday schedule when they realize they’re so busy doing Christmas events, they may more

  • A Christmas Dream

    A Christmas Dream

    Characters: 1-3
    Length: 2
    This Christmas poem calling on Christians to let peace begin with their hearts, is perfect for your Christmas Eve or candlelight more

  • Come to the Manger

    Come to the Manger

    Characters: 7+
    Length: 15
    Want an engaging and memorable children’s Christmas play with lots and lots of adorable children without the hassle of rehearsing an more

  • The Genesis of Jesus

    The Genesis of Jesus

    Characters: 5
    Length: 8
    A skit Narrator gets caught up in the Genesis 3 story of Adam and Eve disobeying God and learns that Jesus has always been the answer. more

  • Heavenly Expectations

    Heavenly Expectations

    Characters: 3
    Length: 6
    It’s the day of the big announcement to Mary and some angels are anxiously awaiting Gabriel’s return to hear how it went. more

  • Holey, Holey, Holey

    Holey, Holey, Holey

    Characters: 4
    Length: 6
    A medical team is shocked to discover that its patient has a huge hole right in the middle of his soul (unquestionably the worst place), more

  • Every Day of the Year

    Every Day of the Year

    Characters: 3
    Length: 6
    Brother and sister, Richard and Carol, fight over the placement of a nativity set, when their friend Sandy arrives and reveals that we more

  • Stable Mabel

    Stable Mabel

    Characters: 8
    Length: 30
    Mabel may be the lead goose in this barn, but tonight her stable environment is shaking with the news that a new baby king may have to more

  • Been Good?

    Been Good?

    Characters: 1
    Length: 5
    In the thick of the “Christmas Crazy”, a Dad discovers one of the most dangerous deceptions of the holiday—that it’s for those more

  • Good Will and All That

    Good Will and All That

    Characters: 3
    Length: 5
    Ellen’s husband, Glen, throws out a radical Christmas idea that just about sends Ellen over the edge. more

  • Semi-Synthetic Christmas

    Semi-Synthetic Christmas

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4
    Olivia is disappointed with the synthetic Christmas trees at the tree lot, when she runs into a friend who seems to be having a more

  • Christmas Future

    Christmas Future

    Characters: 3
    Length: 6
    Set in the future, a mom and dad confront their teen about using a word that is no longer allowed to say in public. more

  • ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas

    Characters: 6
    Length: 10
    Marvin, who simply wants to read the famous Christmas story about Santa, is assaulted by family members who have their own ideas of what more