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  • The Love Song

    New! The Love Song

    Here’s a special message about God’s love. While it may include using some artistic license and an ill-advised falsetto, more

  • Love Handles

    New! Love Handles

    God is love and love handles anything. A script on love. more

  • Noah’s Faith

    New! Noah’s Faith

    Noah and Mrs. Noah stop to remind each other that even though they don’t understand it all, God has a purpose and a plan. more

  • Hello God?

    Hello God?

    Two-part comedy sketch about a clueless young man (or woman) attempting contact God by phone. Great accompaniment for presentations on more

  • Our Coming Savior: The Shepherds

    Our Coming Savior: The Shepherds

    Sam, Jake and Frank are three average shepherds whose lives are changed when they are visited by angels who bring news of Christ’s more

  • Mary and Joe

    Mary and Joe

    Joe has just learned he’s going to be a dad, but not the way he had ever planned. more

  • Our Coming Savior: Mary and Joseph

    Our Coming Savior: Mary and Joseph

    Mary and Joseph are a young couple with lots of plans for their future together, but those plans change after God steps in. Though Mary more

  • The Thanksgiving Fairy

    The Thanksgiving Fairy

    Rick and Toodie Narraway learn to give thanks “in all things.” Great illustration for a Thanksgiving message/discussion. more

  • Give Thanks To The Lord

    Give Thanks To The Lord

    A responsive reading praising God for who He is and all He has done for us as we celebrate Thanksgiving. more

  • Thanks for Nothing

    Thanks for Nothing

    Two guilty people are thankful for not getting what they deserve. more

  • The Most Discouraged Christian Ever

    The Most Discouraged Christian Ever

    Disgruntled with the problems he’s encountering in life, volunteer Stuart decides to make a few changes to the Children’s more

  • Our Coming Savior: Elizabeth and Zechariah

    Our Coming Savior: Elizabeth and Zechariah

    When Zechariah comes back from the temple unable to speak, his wife, Elizabeth, doesn’t understand why. But she learns that her more

  • Thanksgiving Done Wrong

    Thanksgiving Done Wrong

    When Mike and Jami sit down for their Thanksgiving dinner, Jami’s prayer reflects more of a what they don’t have than what more

  • THE Story: Duet

    THE Story: Duet

    Christianity 101. It’s the basics of what we believe as Christians starting from Creation and God’s existence then focusing on the more

  • When the Earth Gives Way: A 9-11 Memorial

    When the Earth Gives Way: A 9-11 Memorial

    Two American’s September 11th, 2001 accounts meet, as each discovers their security is in God alone. more

  • Adam and Eve Explained

    Adam and Eve Explained

    Gary and Grady explain that the story of Adam and Eve is about remaking our hearts to be like God’s. Not so much about the perils more

  • In the Family

    In the Family

    A brother and sister reminisce about their childhoods and how their mom taught them about unconditional love. more

  • Specificity


    Bob’s writing thank you notes, but totally missing the point. Are we being intentional with our thanks? more

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    Attitude of Gratitude

    It’s so easy to be thankful for all of our blessings, but what if we actually put shoes on our gratitude and took it out for a more

  • The Dryer Fairy

    The Dryer Fairy

    Rick and Toodie learn to give thanks “in all things.” Great illustration for Thanksgiving or to accompany a message on more

  • Psalm 139

    Psalm 139

    Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the “yuck” in our hearts. In this script, Tommy and Eddie more

  • All Mom Wants for Christmas

    All Mom Wants for Christmas

    As moms, all we want for Christmas is to create special memories for our families, but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away. In more

  • But God  Looks at the Heart

    But God Looks at the Heart

    A series of statements that describe what we as society and often even church culture value contrasted with what God looks at — our more

  • My First Thanksgiving

    My First Thanksgiving

    Hosting her first Thanksgiving has Avery in a grocery store panic, until a voice of experience provides a “reality check” more

  • This Year for God

    This Year for God

    One Christian’s costume party preparations illustrates that the “living for God” resolution may not be what it seems. more

  • Fishin’ For Christians

    Fishin’ For Christians

    Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letter, this skit shows two demons attempt to lure and catch Christians. more

  • The Church at Sardis

    The Church at Sardis

    Jana engages a co-worker in conversation about her church; her priorities are contrasted with the realities of the Church around the more

  • How Do You Get To Heaven?

    How Do You Get To Heaven?

    A son has questions for his Dad about the logistics of getting to Heaven, and as all great conversations between Dads and Sons, the more

  • What a Father

    What a Father

    This is the story of the Prodigal Son told from the perspectives of two brothers. more

  • The Prayer

    The Prayer

    Kara wants to know how to pray, but can’t seem to understand it’s not about a formula, but spending time with the Father. more

  • Ties


    Dad’s two teenagers are in a desperate last-minute quandary about what to give Dad for Father’s Day. more

  • Encounters With Christ: Philip & Andrew

    Encounters With Christ: Philip & Andrew

    Two disciples remember being with Jesus the week before his resurrection. Use in the weeks leading up to Easter and it’s a great more