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Reader's Theatre Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • The Birth of Christ: Responsive Reading

    The Birth of Christ: Responsive Reading

    Characters: 1-2
    Length: 3-5 Minutes
    From Luke 2, the story of Christ is read with verses of praise in between. This reading gives your congregation reason to actively more

  • A Thanksgiving Responsive Reading

    A Thanksgiving Responsive Reading

    Characters: 3 Readers + Congregation
    Length: 3-5 minutes
    This is a responsive reading for a Thanksgiving service filled with Scripture about praising God for his many blessings. more

  • The Life of Christ: Responsive Reading

    The Life of Christ: Responsive Reading

    Characters: 1 + crowd
    Length: 4-6 minutes
    Through different phases of Jesus’ life, this responsive reading exemplifies the characteristics of an amazing Savior. more

  • Easter Reading Script

    Easter Reading Script

    Characters: 3
    Length: 3-5 minutes
    This reading takes selected verses from the Gospels and tells the story of the Last Supper through Christ’s resurrection. more

  • Glorious Interruption

    Glorious Interruption

    Characters: 2
    Length: 6-8 minutes
    A story is told of a young couple with romantic notions of marriage when their ideal vision for the future is suddenly interrupted by more

  • Greatest Story Ever Told

    Greatest Story Ever Told

    Characters: 4
    Length: 6-8 minutes
    Don’t have the preparation time, massive cast of actors, or camel rental budget for a huge Easter production this year?  more

  • The Holiness of God: Responsive Reading

    The Holiness of God: Responsive Reading

    Characters: 1 + crowd
    A traditional styled script about the holiness of God that uses scripture to paint an accurate picture of God’s character. more

  • Declaration of Dependence

    Declaration of Dependence

    Characters: 3
    Length: 1-2 minutes
    This Readers Theatre expresses gratitude for the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy as a nation, but more importantly for the freedom and more

  • His Love Endures Forever

    His Love Endures Forever

    Characters: 3
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    A prayer of thanksgiving to God and a response from God’s Word from Jeremiah 32 and 33. more

  • Search Me, O God: Responsive Reading

    Search Me, O God: Responsive Reading

    Characters: 3
    Length: 1-3 minutes
    What a comfort to know that no matter what we do or no matter where we go, God the Father will always be there. Here is the more

  • The Father’s Love

    The Father’s Love

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4-6 minutes
    A Reader’s Theatre about God’s love and acceptance as a Father who pursued His people. more

  • These Hands

    These Hands

    Characters: 8
    Length: 5-6 minutes
    We use our hands for many things, some of which God never intended, yet He still sent His son to provide a way for us to join Him more

  • The Love Chapter: Scripture Reading

    The Love Chapter: Scripture Reading

    Characters: 3
    Length: 2-4 minutes
    1st Corinthians 13: 1- 13 Scripture Reading. more

  • Go and Tell

    Go and Tell

    Characters: 2
    Length: 7-8 minutes
    A look at God’s question “Whom shall I send” and a challenge to answer the call. more

  • The Last Days: The Garden

    The Last Days: The Garden

    Characters: 2
    Length: 3-4 minutes
    A narrative of those moments had by Jesus and His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane just before His arrest and ultimate more

  • The Last Days: Peter’s Denial

    The Last Days: Peter’s Denial

    Characters: 2
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    A narrative of Peter’s denial of Christ before the crucifixion. more

  • The Last Days: Washing the Disciples Feet

    The Last Days: Washing the Disciples Feet

    Characters: 2
    Length: 4-5 minutes
    A dramatic narrative of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. more

  • Only One Like You, Dad

    Only One Like You, Dad

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4-5 minutes
    A Father’s Day drama for our one and only, our Dads. This can be done as a Reader’s Theatre with music stands in front of more

  • Easter Trilogy

    Easter Trilogy

    Characters: 2
    Length: 4 minutes
    This script is three readings- Christ’s death, His resurrection, and our response to the Living Lord. This script is perfect for more

  • Questions Without Answers

    New! Questions Without Answers

    Characters: 4
    Length: 4
    This is a monologue or reading about Biblical mothers and our own mothers more

  • Graduation: Faith, Hope, and Love

    Graduation: Faith, Hope, and Love

    Characters: 3
    Length: 2
    There are just three things that you need to survive after you graduate. And it’s not pizza, money or a good job… more

  • He Is Risen

    He Is Risen

    Characters: 2
    Length: 1-2
    A time of worship through scripture celebrating the risen Savior and the forgiveness of sins. more

  • The Call of Christmas: Anthem

    The Call of Christmas: Anthem

    Characters: 3
    Length: 3
    This Reader’s Theatre is a companion piece for The Call of Christmas program package, rounding out the series on Christmas morning. It more

  • Harvest Party Invite

    Harvest Party Invite

    Characters: 2
    Length: 3
    A fun way to remind your congregation of your upcoming Harvest Party or Fall Festival. more

  • A Christmas Dream

    A Christmas Dream

    Characters: 1-3
    Length: 2
    This Christmas poem calling on Christians to let peace begin with their hearts, is perfect for your Christmas Eve or candlelight more

  • Fireworks on the 4th

    Fireworks on the 4th

    Characters: 5
    Length: 3
    Spectators gather for a night of watching fireworks on the 4th! This Readers Theatre script is perfect to incorporate into your more

  • The Beautiful Burden

    The Beautiful Burden

    Characters: 3
    Length: 3-5 minutes
    Three Mothers, of all ages, muse on memories of their children from the past and present and the ones that may be yet to come as they more

  • Aren’t We the Lucky Ones

    Aren’t We the Lucky Ones

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4
    Aren’t we so lucky that despite our sin, God saved us? Aren’t we lucky that luck had nothing to do with it? more

  • Easter Call to Worship

    Easter Call to Worship

    Characters: 1+
    Length: 2
    Jesus took our sins and healed us…and on the third day showed the world God’s power. Use this call to worship to start your Easter more

  • Love Anthem

    Love Anthem

    Characters: 4
    Length: 3
    The word love is such a powerful idea. It can mean so many things and it’s mere mention suggests even more. But as much as our more

  • Merry Christmas?

    Merry Christmas?

    Characters: 3
    Length: 4
    Can Christmas still be merry when everything seems anything but? more

  • THE Story: Duet

    THE Story: Duet

    Characters: 2
    Length: 18
    Christianity 101. It’s the basics of what we believe as Christians starting from Creation and God’s existence then focusing on the more