Wise Men Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • First Christmas: Wise Man

    First Christmas: Wise Man

    The Wise Man recounts his journey and the surprise at the end of it all. more

  • The King of the Jews

    The King of the Jews

    After hearing from the Magi about the immanent birth of the King of the Jews, Herod plots to retain his own claim to that title. Pride more

  • Casting Call: The Wise Men

    Casting Call: The Wise Men

    Frank is a smart man. But while auditioning for the Live Nativity, he learns that “smart” and “wise” more

  • Two Kings?

    Two Kings?

    King Herod knew the birth of another king, Jesus, would mean his life would have to change. Do we recognize the same thing and that more