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Character Resources

Five Dollars Script

Willie is really excited when he finds a five-dollar bill! But when he finds out that Susie has lost her five-dollar bill, will he do the right thing and return it to her?

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 6

UN (The Character of God) Video

We serve an unequalled God. A God whose love is unfailing, faithfulness unrelenting and grace unstoppable. He is a God unending and undeniable. “UN” is a biblical look into the character of God, encouraging the viewer to open their Bibles and explore what it has to say about our unshakable God. It’s a great tool for a sermon series, small group or youth ministry.

Joseph Video

Watch as The Skit Guys tell the story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat, and how he was used by God to demonstrate His mercy and forgiveness.

Psalm 139 Script

Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the “yuck” in our hearts. In this script, Tommy and Eddie take a look at David’s honest prayer to God about the transformation of our hearts and lives.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 15-17

The Skinny on Identity Video

Who are you? When you strip away the titles that describe you…Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Student, Teenager, Adult…when all those titles fall who are you? Watch as a few characters struggle to define themselves.

You’re Not Listening Script

Two coworkers, Barry and Jerry, meet up at the water cooler for some conversation. But neither one is really listening to what the other is saying and it quickly goes downhill. This script reminds us how important it is to really listen when someone we know needs to be heard.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Psalm 139 Video

Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the “yuck” in our hearts. In this video, Tommy and Eddie take a look at David’s honest prayer to God about the transformation of our hearts and lives.

The Checkout Lane Script

Isn’t it easy to judge other people when you’re inconvenienced? Before we start to point out the speck in someone else’s eye, perhaps we should check out the plank in our own eye.

  • Actors: 5
  • Minutes: 7-9 minutes

My Resolutions List - Teen Version Script

A teenager is challenged to list his/her resolutions for the New Year.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

My Resolutions List Script

A man/woman is challenged to list his/her goals for the New Year.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

The Secret is in the Praise Script

Bob has an unexpected encounter with Rox, a homeless woman who teaches him about joy.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 5-6 minutes

Small Talk Script

A humorous reminder that oftentimes people are watching us.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3-5 minutes

God’s Chisel Remastered Video

When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be quite painful. In this new high quality, remastered version of their most requested skit, Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical Christian having to go through the process of discipline.

The writer of Ephesians says “For we are God’s workmanship” (Eph. 2:10). Elsewhere we’re described as a “poem.” God views us as being his original masterpiece.

The purchase of this video includes media slides and study guide.

Oh My Larry Video

The name of God is tossed around so loosely these days, it’s hard to know whether He’s truly respected. If you’ve ever wondered about the holiness of His name, take a look at this movie.

A Letter for Dad Script

A teenage boy reminisces on fond memories of his dad as he writes a letter for Father’s Day.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Only One Like You, Dad Script

A Father’s Day drama for our one and only, our Dads. This can be done as a Reader’s Theatre with music stands in front of each actor, or it can be memorized.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 4-5 minutes

Super Dad Script

A dad reflects on his great desire to be the kind of father that his wife and children hope that he will be.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 4-5 minutes

Fan vs Follower Script

While a “fan” of Jesus only wants to be in the fan club as long as Jesus is doing something spectacular, a follower marvels at all of Jesus’ works - even the quiet moments seen by few - and wants to live his live in the same way.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Super Jesus Action Figure Script

Two moms are talking while their sons are playing with their Super Jesus Action Figures, when another mom stops by with her son. They discover that Jesus isn’t what we want to make Him - like a toy in a box that is molded into our image.

  • Actors: 6
  • Minutes: 5-6 minutes

Joseph Script

Joseph was his father’s favorite and his brothers resented him for it. But God had big plans for this little brother.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 8-10 minutes

Search Me, O God: Responsive Reading Script

What a comfort to know that no matter what we do or no matter where we go, God the Father will always be there. Here is the Psalmist’s prayer as a responsive reading.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 1-3 minutes

Mic Check Script

This skit examines how we act in the dark or when the microphones are off. Everyone gives their best performance when the lights and mics are on, but how do we act when no one is around?

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 5 minutes

Walk the Talk Video

It’s been said that character is who you are when no one is looking. Here’s a good reality check in this video from The Skit Guys.

To Catch a Double Dipper Video

Are you hiding something? Most of us are. Imagine the freedom if we chose to get rid of all the secret sins in our lives. In this parody , “To Catch a Double Dipper”, Jim finds himself backed into a corner as he’s confronted about his secret habit.

Identity Video

There are many ways to protect yourself against identity theft – shredding documents, covering your tracks, or just don’t go online at all! But what about your spiritual identity? Unfortunately, it’s also pretty easy to lose. Watch this video to find out from Tommy of The Skit Guys how you can protect your identity in Christ.

Do As We Say Video

Sometimes parents don’t set the best example for their children. In this hilarious video starring the Skit Guys, we see that actions speak a lot louder than words when it comes to parenting.

Back to School Gauntlets Script

A student faces hard choices with friends she encounters throughout her day. Will she choose to follow Christ’s example?

  • Actors: 5
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

How’s Your Backyard? Script

Alan keeps his yard looking great in the front. But his backyard, where no one can see, is a whole different story.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

World vs Christian: Meet the King Video

How much time do we spend maintaining our outward appearance instead of working on our inward character? In the spirit of the “Mac vs. PC” commercials, this fun parody shows a well-meaning-but-misguided Christian getting schooled by “the world” in how God sees us.

God’s Chisel Video

When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be very painful. In one of their most requested skits, Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline.

Graduation: You Got This