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Crucifixion Resources

Our Risen Savior Video

Watch this series of vignettes that communicate the impact of Christ both before and after the Cross. This package is a profoundly moving and authentic way to prepare the hearts and minds of your congregation in advance of Easter.

Encounters With Christ: Video Bundle Video

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, Jesus goes from being ushered in like a king to being crucified like a criminal and then ultimately overcoming the grave. Watch as people close to Jesus recount his final week. The video pack includes all 5 videos (Andrew and Philip, Mary of Bethany, Malchus, Simon of Cyrene and Salome) as well 5 different slides, sermon helps, a countdown and artwork that you can use for promotional materials, programs or whatever else you want to create.

Good Friday Video

A dramatic retelling of Jesus’ last day. Hear from six individuals who were close to Jesus before his death on the cross, Good Friday. This video sets the stage for Christ’s resurrection and shows God’s forgiveness and love for mankind.

The purchased package includes four videos total: the full cut (what you see here), the Garden scene, the Last Supper scene, and the Golgotha scene – which is helpful if you want to intersperse the clips throughout a service for added effect.

Also see the video ‘Grace’ under related items below as a good follow-up to this video.

Our Risen Savior: Barabbas Script

We all know what happens to Jesus after he takes the place of Barabbas, but what happened to Barabbas? Watch this interpretation of what Barabbas must have been contending with.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3

Our Risen Savior: Barabbas on Good Friday Video

We all know what happens to Jesus after the crowd chooses him for crucifixion. But rarely do we consider what happened to Barabbas. Watch this interpretation of what Barabbas must have been contending with.

Do You Hear? Script

A man is followed by a sound that impacts him every time he commits a sin.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 4

The Image of the Cross Script

Four different scenes are depicted with four different perspectives on the cross.

  • Actors: 8
  • Minutes: 7

He’s Alive (Easter) Video

Beginning with Jesus’ prediction of His crucifixion and continuing through His thoughts on the cross, His death, burial and resurrection, this Easter mini-movie takes the viewer on an emotional journey from Good Friday to Easter. Taken from Luke 9:22, Luke 22:42, Luke 23:34, and Luke 24:5-7.

Good Friday Video

With powerful music and contemporary graphics, this mini-movie tells the story of Good Friday. We are moved to worship, as we remember that Jesus endured incredible suffering and death on the cross as the punishment for our sin. This video will make a great opening or worship intro for your Good Friday Services or for a message on the passion (or sufferings) of Christ. Let the story of Good Friday inspire your congregation to worship Jesus.

40 Days With Jesus Script Bundle Script

A series of eyewitness accounts that dramatically retell the course of Christ’s ministry leading up to his crucifixion. These scripts will help your church prepare for Easter. They highlight major events in Christ’s life and how they impact people’s lives today.

The purchased package includes eight total scripts: John the Baptist, Simon Peter, Temple Cleansing, Nicodemus, God’s Voice In the Thunder, Palm Sunday, Peter’s Denial, and Nobody But Jesus.

The package also includes supplemental materials like: MP3 Music as seen in videos, 8 Weeks of Sermon Notes, a Countdown Video, a Motions Pack, a Stills Pack, Sermon Slides and Artwork for your church programs and promotion.

40 Days: Nobody But Jesus Script

Jesus lived a short life, but in that time, he did so much. Perhaps even more than his accomplishments though, what is so profound is his unique ability to be everything we needed and be everything that no one else could. Based on a sermon by Sam Storm. Includes music from the video version.

  • Actors: 5
  • Minutes: 2

Fearless (Easter Worship Intro) Video

What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? Jesus has taken your sin at the cross and conquered death. Christ is risen! Death is no longer the end! This Easter worship intro proclaims that because of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection we can be fearless in sharing the gospel with friends and neighbors and fearless in worshipping Him. Based on Romans 6: 5-11.

Good Friday: Save Us Video

Use this reflective video to help set the tone for your Good Friday service.

His Finest Hour Video

Even in our darkest moments, Christ is working on our behalf. For the disciples, Good Friday and Easter Saturday was their darkest moment. This powerful video - perfect for any service during the Easter season, or beyond - connects our forsaken moments to theirs, and Christ’s triumphant work in them all.

The Way Of Suffering Experience Kit Video

The Way of Suffering Experience Kit is an all-inclusive “Stations of the Cross” event for Good Friday that will change the way your community experiences the Easter weekend.  Included with your purchase: promotional material, station write-ups, media files, and original Photoshop and inDesign files.  To help make your event a success, we are also offering an exclusive webinar and forum to answer all of your questions.

Crucified Good Friday Version Video

This somber mini-movie illustrates the ways in which Christ was beaten, tortured, put to death, and buried ñ all to cover our sin. Imagery includes a crown of thorns, cross with purple fabric, wooden staff, nails & hammer, Calvary, and the tomb closing. Enhanced with text from the gospels, ending with a quote from Isaiah 53.

Crucified Easter Version Video

This Easter mini-movie illustrates the ways in which Christ was put to death for our sake. Imagery includes a crown of thorns, cross with purple fabric, wooden staff, nails & hammer, Calvary, and the tomb closing. It concludes with the resurrection complete with uplifting music and powerful messages of hope.

Forsaken Video

We all experience moments in life when we feel God has forsaken us. From divorce, a medical emergency, or abuse, those moments can cause us to feel very alone. Featuring music by The Brilliance, ‘Forsaken’ is a lamenting reflection that connects with our pain, and offers hope. Perfect for Lent, Good Friday, Easter, or any message on the power of the resurrection. BONUS: Included in purchase is an extended, director’s cut version using the entire song.

The Cross Video

Those of us who follow Jesus should never forget the pain and suffering He experienced when he sacrificed His life for us. This two minute reminder is perfect for Good Friday, Communion, or other services that focus on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus.

At the Cross: Collection Script

Follow the footsteps of the ones surrounding Jesus on His journey to the cross in this collection of inspiring scripts for Easter. This collection includes all 14 of the “At the Cross” scripts. Including Mary and the Baby Jesus,Mary and the Lord Jesus, Nicodemus, Peter, The Centurion, The Mob, The Two Thieves and more.

  • Actors: 17

The Day That True Love Died Video

Using powerful footage of Jesus on the day of His crucifixion, through His resurrection; this film harnesses the power of worship as it shows us the pain of sacrifice. Set to the amazing song by Phil Wickham, The Day That True Love Died is a potent reminder of God’s grace and his Son’s sacrifice.

Easter Inspiration Video

Christ’s death was the ultimate sacrifice. His resurrection, the ultimate expression of authority and power. Two eternal acts in one historic weekend.

An Easter Carol Script

A new spin on an old classic. Years after the crucifixion, a Centurion is visited by three people in a dream and learns that forgiveness is just a prayer away.

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 8-10 minutes

The Last Days: Riding Into Jerusalem Script

A narrative about the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Two narrators describe the same events in very different ways.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

The Last Days: Judas’ Betrayal Script

A Narrative of the man who betrayed Jesus and the surrounding events.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Good Friday Script

Several characters surrounding the cross relive the events leading up to the crucifixion. This script can be performed as a Readers Theatre. There are 6 different characters, but they can be played by as few as two people. See The Skit Guys video of ‘Good Friday’ below.

  • Actors: 6
  • Minutes: 6-9 minutes

The Last Days: Peter’s Denial Script

A narrative of Peter’s denial of Christ before the crucifixion.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

The Last Days: The Garden Script

A narrative of those moments had by Jesus and His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane just before His arrest and ultimate crucifixion.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

He Is Alive: Responsive Reading Script

Worship the risen Savior through scripture this Easter with “He Is Alive: A Responsive Reading” by Eddie James! This script is perfect for those of us who want to be creative in our Easter service but don’t have a lot of time.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 1-3 minutes

At the Cross: The Two Thieves Script

During the crucifixion, Jesus hung on his cross between two thieves- one believed and one did not.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

At the Cross: The Mob Script

The mob hurls insults and watches on as Jesus is crucified.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 1-2 minutes

At the Cross: The Centurion Script

A centurion soldier finds himself at a crossroads as he reconciles who he has been trained to be and what Jesus
calls him to do.

  • Actors: 1 Male
  • Minutes: 1-2 minutes

On The Way to The Cross Video

Take a walk with Tommy and Eddie, The Skit Guys, as they follow Jesus on His journey that ended with the ultimate sacrifice and a very personal invitation.

John, The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved Script

A great monologue for Holy Week from the Apostle John as he tells of the events in the upper room, Gethsemene, the trial of Christ, and His crucifixion. 

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 10-12 minutes