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Our Risen Savior: Peter and John on Easter Sunday Video

When Peter and John realize that Jesus is gone from his tomb, they slowly realize what this means for their Savior and the entire world.

Our Risen Savior: Peter and John Script

When Peter and John realize that Jesus is gone from his tomb, they struggle to understand what this might mean about their Savior. Includes mp3 of music found in the video version as seen below.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3

Hometown Hero-NOT! Script

As word spreads that the Messiah is heading to Nazareth, people are getting excited and talking about all that they have heard. The excitement escalates as the news of His arrival spreads.

  • Actors: 8+
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

The Last Days: Collection Script

This collection of five reader’s theatre style scripts leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus is perfect for incorporating into your sermon or worship service leading up to Easter.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 2-6 minutes per script

Sauly of Tarsus Script

A comedic introduction to Saul’s transformation by Jesus on the road to Damascus.

  • Actors: 5+
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

The Lord’s Prayer (Kaleidoscope) Video

A stunning presentation of The Lord’s Prayer that can be used to start your service or intro a message. Includes two versions of The Lord’s Prayer: Modern and Traditional.

The Last Days: The Garden Script

A narrative of those moments had by Jesus and His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane just before His arrest and ultimate crucifixion.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

The Last Days: Washing the Disciples Feet Script

A dramatic narrative of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-5 minutes

Greatest Story Ever Told Script

Don’t have the preparation time, massive cast of actors, or camel rental budget for a huge Easter production this year?  We’ve got the solution:  a hybrid between a Readers’ Theatre and a Script that will help you present the Greatest Story Ever Told. The powerful story of Christ’s death on the cross and the events leading up to his ultimate sacrifice.

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 6-8 minutes

Eyewitness - An Easter Play for Children Script

It’s two days after the resurrection of Jesus and the disciples are a little on edge about what will happen next. As they hide away and lay low until things calm down, they reminisce about their time with Jesus. Narrated from the perspective of a young girl, this simple play is a “what if” about the events after Jesus death on the cross. Hear “eyewitness testimonies” from some really fun characters.

  • Actors: 19
  • Minutes: 25-30 minutes

John, The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved Script

A great monologue for Holy Week from the Apostle John as he tells of the events in the upper room, Gethsemene, the trial of Christ, and His crucifixion. 

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 10-12 minutes

Some Chose, Some Did Not Script

A re-telling of the story that involves Jesus’ last days, crucifixion, and resurrection.

  • Actors: 6

Some Chose, Some Did Not Video

Even people in Jesus’ day had to believe by faith and some chose to, and some did not. Hear from several of the disciples and Pharisees as they tell you about what Jesus meant to them.

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