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Free Indeed (Independence Day) Free Indeed (Independence Day) Video

Every year on July 4th we get together and celebrate our nation’s independence. But in John 8:31-36, Jesus talks of a different freedom. One that can only be found in Him. A great sermon opener for an Independence Day service.

Already Free Already Free Video

Freedom, liberty. It’s something we celebrate, something we take pride in, something we have struggled so hard for and have so strongly defended. But true freedom, we don’t have to fight for, we just have to accept it from Christ.

Canada Day Canada Day Video

The Skit Guys wish their neighbors to the North a Happy Canada Day. This video is available as a FREE download!

Behind the Laughter: A Skit Guys Documentary Behind the Laughter: A Skit Guys Documentary Video

Did you ever wonder what goes on backstage just before Tommy and Eddie go on stage? Me either, but here is a rare (and hilarious) look at how the magic begins.