3 Tips to Avoid the Inability To Spring Forward On The Right Day

Here at Skitguys.com, we want to alert you to an urgent issue affecting millions upon millions of Americans each year. This issue is a condition called ITSFOTRD (Catchy, right?).

As you no doubt could surmise, ITSFOTRD stands for Inability To Spring Forward On The Right Day.

If you are anything like us, clocks and telling time in general is pretty difficult. One time, Eddie showed up three days early to an event that was just one time zone over. And Tommy is still convinced that two years ago, he time traveled when his wife adjusted all the clocks in the house without telling him.

The point is, Daylight Savings Time is a tricky thing so here are 3 tips to follow to avoid ITSFOTRD

1. Ignore the concept of time altogether.
Sure, you will more than likely get fired from your job or flunk out of school. But, no one can make fun of you for having ITSFOTRD anymore, right? Advantage: YOU.

2. Set each clock in your home or on your person to a different time.
Sure most of the time you'll be incredibly late or early. But when you are finally on time, think of how sweet that will feel. Advantage: STILL YOU.

3. Tell people the only time you observe is Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
It will confuse them and give you time to walk away. Advantage: KIND OF YOU BUT NOT REALLY.

If these tips don't inspire confidence or guidance hopefully this video will. (Church leaders, click here to get this video to show to your congregation.)

Have you ever fallen victim to forgetting to Spring Forward or Fall Back when the time changes? If so, let us know below!

photo credit: iamtheo

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