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How To Customize Your Fall Festival Promo Video

Found in Tips and Tricks from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on September 28 2011.

Our video guy, Brian Cates, otherwise known as the 3rd Skit Guy, shows us how to customize our new Fall Festival Promo 3 video. This technique also works with our other Fall Festival Promo videos too. Watch the video and if you have any questions, leave us a comment below!

Here is a list of all our current customizable videos that you can apply this technique too:

Fall Festival Promo 3 Video

Ding Dong!  The Sanders are back to show your Church how NOT to invite friends and neighbors to your Church’s Fall Festival. Use this humorous video to get the word out about your Fall Festival or Trunk-or-Treat. This download includes 3 different customizable options to suit your Church’s needs.

Fall Festival Promo 2 Video

The Skit Guys team up with Jim Birdsall, the voice of NFL Films, to help you advertise your Fall outreach event! In addition to the promo video, this package also includes a BONUS Volunteer Video to help you recruit workers for your event! Also, you’ll get both videos with 3 different endings: generic (as seen in the video preview), no text, and an editable text box ending. That’s SIX videos in total!

Fall Festival Promo Video

Promote your Fall Festival with this video from The Skit Guys. When you buy this video you receive 3 different versions to best fit your need:

- Video with titles that says “Join us for our Fall Festival”.
- Video that has a blank space that you can edit and drop your own title in. This requires some video production know how.
- Video with no titles at all.

Easter Invite Bundle Video

It can be a little nerve-wracking to invite a neighbor to church…and even scarier if they actually accept! Encourage your church members to take a leap and invite someone to Easter services with this fun video…just don’t invite them like The Sanders do. The bundle includes three versions of the 2-minute video and three versions of a trimmed, 60-second cut of the video.

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