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How to Perform a Reader’s Theatre

Found in Skit Tips, Tips and Tricks from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on August 02 2016 by Eddie James.



Have you ever wanted to perform a reader's theatre? With a reader's theatre script, you have multiple actors reading, but how do you make everyone sound better? In this skit tip, we share how to deliver your reader's theatre lines so that everyone sounds in sync and in rhythm. Watch as Eddie James and Carrie Varnell perform a piece of reader's theatre from the script Jesus, You Stand With Me.

Popular Readers Theatre Scripts:

9/11: We Remember Script

On September 11th our world was forever changed. Years later we know that God is still with us. Remember the events of 9/11 with this Reader’s Theatre script.

Characters: 3-4
Length: 3-4 minutes

Jesus, You Stand With Me Script

Starting a new year can be daunting, but God has promised us that He will stand by us and never leave us. He has given us what we need to stand strong and walk daily with Him. This script is perfect for your worship time in your youth group or main church worship service.

Characters: 3
Length: 1-3 minutes

A Christmas Dream Script

This Christmas poem calling on Christians to let peace begin with their hearts, is perfect for your Christmas Eve or candlelight service.

Characters: 1-3
Length: 2

THE Story: Duet Script

Christianity 101. It’s the basics of what we believe as Christians starting from Creation and God’s existence then focusing on the Bible and its import and validity. This script then moves into describing the Messiah and the life that Jesus lived and why that is important to us as we learn to live out God’s love in the world as the Followers of the Way, Christians, the Church. This script is broken up in to 4 sets.

Characters: 2
Length: 18

The Thanksgiving Toast Script

Three siblings reminisce about being subjected to their long-winded father’s tradition of a heavenly-minded Thanksgiving Toast.

Characters: 3
Length: 5-7 minutes

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