Skit Tip: Fit Your Audience

Found in Skit Tips, Tips and Tricks from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on July 13 2016 by Eddie James.


What do you do if your script doesn't fit your intended audience? Eddie James shares a few tips on making your script fit your audience in this week's Skit Tip. The play that is referenced in this week's skit tip is Away from a Manger by Suzanne Davis and Rachel Benjamin.

Away From a Manger Script

This is a fun and interactive play with a “choose your own ending” for the audience!

Characters of a church Christmas pageant are thrown into investigative turmoil as their “baby Jesus” nursery doll comes up missing after an untimely power outage. Accusations soar and secrets are revealed as the cast sets out to find the true ‘leading role’ before the curtain opens!

This play has about 35-40 minutes of dialogue. Times will vary when being used as a dinner theatre.

Characters: 9
Length: 35

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