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Top 10 Easter Skit Scripts from 2011

Found in Top Lists from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on February 15 2012.

At, we offer a lot of options for scripts of Easter skits and plays that you can perform in your church. We know picking a script can be difficult with so many to choose from. We thought it would be helpful to you if we gave you a list of our top 10 best-selling Easter scripts from 2011. These scripts are great to use during the Lenten season and on your Sunday Easter service. If you don't see anything in this list that grabs your attention, head over to our Easter Scripts section as we're always adding new scripts!

The Birdcage Script

The Bird Cage is a metaphor to humanity’s imprisonment and Jesus’ redemption plan that sets us free. Skit starts out as a young boy and a man talk about wild birds in a birdcage to the ultimate encounter of Jesus and Satan looking at mankind in the cage. Includes the soundtrack found in the video version.

Characters: 2
Length: 5-7 minutes

Grace Script

After his resurrection, Jesus offers grace to Peter and gently confronts him about his mistakes, his purpose, and what comes next.

Characters: 2
Length: 3-4 minutes

These Hands Script

We use our hands for many things, some of which God never intended, yet He still sent His son to provide a way for us to join Him forever. In this dramatic series of monologues, seven people examine the work of their hands and realize they need a change.

Characters: 8
Length: 5-6 minutes

On The Way to The Cross Script

Follow Jesus through His ministry as He makes His way to pay the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.

Characters: 4
Length: 4-6 minutes

Have You Reached Your Verdict? Script


A one act of the trial of Jesus in a modern courtroom.  Jesus was either a magician, a devil, or the Messiah.  What will you decide? Script has a courtroom feel and a fast pace. Witnesses testify against Jesus on different accounts of scripture.  Great to get students involved or adults as the jury.  Great way to show scripture through acting and most not even realize they’ve been taught the Word!

Characters: 10
Length: 12-14 minutes

Greatest Story Ever Told Script

Don’t have the preparation time, massive cast of actors, or camel rental budget for a huge Easter production this year?  We’ve got the solution:  a hybrid between a Readers’ Theatre and a Script that will help you present the Greatest Story Ever Told. The powerful story of Christ’s death on the cross and the events leading up to his ultimate sacrifice.

Characters: 4
Length: 6-8 minutes

The Easter Apology Script

An explanation of Easter.

Characters: 1
Length: 3-4 minutes

Some Chose, Some Did Not Script

A re-telling of the story that involves Jesus’ last days, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Characters: 6

At the Cross: Collection Script

Follow the footsteps of the ones surrounding Jesus on His journey to the cross in this collection of inspiring scripts for Easter. This collection includes all 14 of the “At the Cross” scripts. Including Mary and the Baby Jesus,Mary and the Lord Jesus, Nicodemus, Peter, The Centurion, The Mob, The Two Thieves and more.

Characters: 17

He Is Alive Script

This is a short but high energy sketch which works very well in big church on Easter Sunday.

Characters: 3
Length: 1-3 minutes

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