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Top 10 Easy Easter Skits for Church

Found in Top Lists from The Skit Guys Blog. Posted on April 01 2015.

Easter is coming and we know not everyone has the time or the capacity to put on a huge Easter production. Don't worry, we've pulled a list together of our top Easter skit scripts that are easy, simple and generally only require one rehearsal. If you're looking for something more involved, see our full list of Easter skits.

Greatest Story Ever Told Script

Don’t have the preparation time, massive cast of actors, or camel rental budget for a huge Easter production this year?  We’ve got the solution:  a hybrid between a Readers’ Theatre and a Script that will help you present the Greatest Story Ever Told. The powerful story of Christ’s death on the cross and the events leading up to his ultimate sacrifice.

Characters: 4
Length: 6-8 minutes

40 Days: Nobody But Jesus Script

Jesus lived a short life, but in that time, he did so much. Perhaps even more than his accomplishments though, what is so profound is his unique ability to be everything we needed and be everything that no one else could. Based on a sermon by Sam Storm. Includes music from the video version.

Characters: 5
Length: 2

The Easter Apology Script

An explanation of Easter.

Characters: 1
Length: 3-4 minutes

Easter Is Everything Script

Mary Magdalene shares the story of when she came to know Jesus, and tells about her front-row seat to the event that changed the course of eternity.

Characters: 1
Length: 4-6 minutes

Day of Hope Script

It’s remarkable to think that the worst day of Jesus’ life was not a day of defeat, but of victory…and our day of hope.

Characters: 3
Length: 1-3 minutes

He Is Alive: Responsive Reading Script

Worship the risen Savior through scripture this Easter with “He Is Alive: A Responsive Reading” by Eddie James! This script is perfect for those of us who want to be creative in our Easter service but don’t have a lot of time.

Characters: 3
Length: 1-3 minutes

Easter Reading Script Script

This reading takes selected verses from the Gospels and tells the story of the Last Supper through Christ’s resurrection.

Characters: 3
Length: 3-5 minutes

Anna Script

Anna, the prophetess, sits in front of the temple…waiting and hoping for the coming Messiah.

Characters: 1
Length: 3-5 minutes

Easter Trilogy Script

This script is three readings- Christ’s death, His resurrection, and our response to the Living Lord. This script is perfect for incorporating into your Easter morning worship service.

Characters: 2
Length: 4 minutes

He Is Alive Script

This is a short but high energy sketch which works very well in big church on Easter Sunday.

Characters: 3
Length: 1-3 minutes

On The Way to The Cross Script

Follow Jesus through His ministry as He makes His way to pay the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.

Characters: 4
Length: 4-6 minutes

The Easter Egg Connection Script

While helping his/her daughter hunt for Easter eggs, a dad/mom wonders how this tradition fits in to the holiday. This script is perfect for your Easter Sunday, or to encourage your congregation to reach out to someone who is searching during this time of Christian celebration. Includes a male and female version of the script.

Characters: 1
Length: 4-5 minutes

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