Skits in a Pinch: The Skinny on The Bible

*Skits In A Pinch is a new blog series where we offer suggestions for videos or scripts that can be pulled off with a less than ideal timeline.

Drama Team get sick? Worship set isn’t hitting the length of time that you needed...Never fear! Skits in a Pinch is your here to save the day!

The holidays are upon us. It’s easy easy to get into a thankful mode, and totally easy to get pulled into Christmas with all the songs and carols coming through speakers all over the place. And sometimes we forget that we’re part of this big story that God has been writing.

Check out “The Skinny on The Bible.” The cast of characters are over the top, but sometimes that’s what we need to see a little truth in our own lives. The Bible for some people is just a book...and to others it’s the Word of God. For some, a great piece of literature, others it’s an integral way to keep their faith alive. What is it for you?

As you think about these there one that you find yourself in?

Do you have a lot of Bibles but hardly ever read them?

Do you hide God’s Word in your heart or just search for verses when you need them?

Do you believe that this is the Living Word?

How have you seen God’s Word impact your life?

No actors are needed for this. You’ll need access to video monitors and an ability to play a downloaded video. Also, an understanding of volume control is great too, but it’s not mandatory.

The total time for the video is right at 4:00, so it’s long enough to make a point, but not so long that it will mess up getting people to lunch on time.

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