Words, Superpowers and McRibs...

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Psalm 19:14: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

Words are powerful, right? If you are at McDonald’s and you want a McRib so badly, it doesn’t matter how much you want it, you need to say those magical words to get that sweet, sweet barbecue goodness. Otherwise, it will be just a lot of uncomfortable silence between you and the person working the drive thru window.

This power is doubly true come Valentines Day. As a culture, it’s one of the few days of the year where those of us in a relationship uniformly feel compelled to quantify what our significant other means to us.

Consider the ever so important card selection ritual we all go through. There we all end up, navigating a crowded aisle as well as the stew of thoughts and feelings inside of us with the goal being to pick the card that perfectly merges all of these things just so. Why? Because if we pick the right combination of words, it can resonate deeply with our loved one and shine a light on things we feel but have never had the opportunity to say.

And yet, most of the time, most of us don’t really consider this powerful gift we have. Could you imagine Superman just kind of ignoring his ability to fly? Or Batman ignoring his ability to be really rich and have lots of cool gadgets (ok bad example)?

The point is, our language and our words are a superpower every one of us has. Are you embracing that power for good? For bad? Are you even using it? God gave us language not just to communicate with Him, but to communicate with each other.

And not just communicate, but to uplift. To worship! To celebrate! To encourage!

So on this holiday that puts such a premium on words, let it be a reminder of their power and how you should be using them as the gift they are. And not just for McRibs. I mean you can definitely use them on McRibs, but use them on more important stuff too.

Ask: First, use your words, your audible words and praise God for all the ways he blesses us with things we take for granted. Then, think of three people in your life that you could affect with your words in a good way.

Pray: God, thank you so much for the ability to feel deeply and for the opportunity to freely communicate with others. It’s such an overlooked blessing, but one that contributes so much goodness to my heart. I pray for guidance this week in ways that I can use my words to bring honor to your name, warmth to people’s hearts and hope into their souls.

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