Skits That Teach



If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to involve your students in learning, you can stop looking. Skits That Teach provides you and your students everything you need to act out funny and compelling skits with total confidence.

Search by topic or by group size to find the perfect comedic or dramatic sketch to help illustrate a point or just start a dialogue. The Skit Guys, Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, have tested these skits on teenagers around the country, and they’ve brought together some of the best for this great resource. Plus they give you everything you need for each skit—overview, characters, location, Scripture reference, props, direction pointers, and a complete script.

The Skit Guys avoid the cheesy dialogues and scenes typically found in Christian dramas and instead bring fun characters, witty scripts, and entertaining situations to their skits, all categorized by:

• Skits for Idiots (it would take an idiot not to be able to do them right!)
• Monologues
• Duets/Ensembles
• Comedy
• Drama
• Scripture Readings


Can a beanie wienie really shoot out your nose? And what did Lazarus think when he heard Jesus calling his name from the tomb? Eddie James and Tommy Woodard (aka "The Skit Guys") answer these questions and more in Skits that Teach, a compilation of fall-down-laughing skit material that is Scripture-filled but not too preachy. While the skits alone are invaluable, this dynamic duo doesn't stop there, adding helpful hints for each skit while still leaving leeway for ad-libbing and adaptation.

The book contains quick and easy "skits for idiots," as well as comedies, dramas, monologues, duets, ensembles, and dramatic readings (no, not like the ones your pastor used to do!) Skits that Teach avoids cheesy, overdone themes and, instead, teaches us to find biblical truth in everyday circumstances, even using the hit TV show "Seinfeld" as an example. True, some skits have less punch than others, but overall Skits that Teach is the best skit material on the market, giving readers a treasure of wonderful material, unique ideas, and styles to fit any purpose.


- YouthWorker Journal, January/February 2007