Skits That Teach Volume 2


You learned so much from the first Skits That Teach that the Skit Guys---Tommy Woodard and Eddie James---are back with another volume of sketches for your youth group to use anytime, anywhere. Tested with teenagers around the country, these skits are guaranteed to get laughs, and are completely free of typical church sketch cheesiness.

Scripts written for youth groups have traditionally been cheesy or just simply not funny. Thankfully, the Skit Guys have refined the art of the youth group sketch. In this second volume of Skits That Teach, youth groups will find dozens of scripts to use as illustrations, discussion starters, or icebreakers. Tommy Woodard and Eddie James have tested these scripts with teenagers across the country, and they know what it takes to write a scene that is simple for teens to perform, while at the same time making a point or getting a laugh. Easy for youth pastors to hand off to a group of teenagers, these scripts address a variety of topics and offer options for monologues, duets or bigger casts to perform funny, serious or musical scenes. No matter how they use the skits, youth workers can teach students important lessons with the easy-to-perform scenes in Skits That Teach, Volume 2.