Skit Guys 2: Electric Boogaloo DVD Image

Skit Guys 2: Electric Boogaloo

Growing up on the mean streets of suburban Edmond, Oklahoma these two best friends had to figure out how to survive. Break dancing wouldn't become more than just a hobby, the centipede took it's toll on their knees early on. But skits, yes, skits would become a way of life. Once they found an unused outlet, they would take their boogaloo electric.

Videos included on this DVD:

  • Bad Ways of Witnessing
  • Lazarus (LIVE)
  • Little Billy: My God Is So Big
  • Psalm 139
  • Bible Brainstorm
  • Awkward Invite: Mr Bootsy
  • Awkward Invite: The Translation
  • & Very Special Features

Running time: 75 Minutes