The Skit Guys Celebrate Recovery - 2 Disc Bundle

The Skit Guys Celebrate Recovery - 2 Disc Bundle

This special DVD bundle is a great resource for Celebrate Recovery groups or any small groups dealing with difficult life issues. Not only is laughter good medicine, but the skits also work great as discussion starters for your group.

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Resource DVD:
This DVD includes ten scenes that can be used as illustrations for small groups or Celebrate Recovery meetings. They cover ten of the twelve steps and each video includes an intro from Tommy or Eddie explaining how the scene ties into the step it addresses. Scenes include:

  • Baggage (Step 1)
  • Hurting Helpline (Step 2)
  • Booger Monster (Step 3)
  • Grace (Step 5)
  • God's Chisel (Step 6)
  • 10 Commandments (Step 7)
  • Our Story (Step 8)
  • Adam and Eve (Step 10)
  • The Ways we pray (Step 11)
  • What if there was no Celebrate Recovery? (Step 12)

Run Time: 2 hours 38 minutes 

A Night of Laughs DVD:
Recorded live during a late night session, this DVD includes more than an hour of humorous skits from Tommy and Eddie. The Skit Guys perform five scenes that provide plenty of laughs and good, clean fun.

Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes