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Where Is Your Treasure?

Posted on July 01 2015

In the new version of the Skit Guys podcast, Tommy and Eddie discuss the idea of "Where Is Your Treasure?" A serious conversation with great insight and wisdom but not without tons of fun all around it.

Hey podience! Did you think we'd forgotten about you? We totally haven't. We've been hard at work getting the new version of the podcast ready and it's finally here!

There's so much stuff in this episode! Stuff like...

- An interruption by their high-strung lawyer, Phineas.

- An invitation to sign up and join the guys' new SECRET PODIENCE SOCIETY  where members will get a Secret Decoder Ring.

- Tommy doing his very best William Wallace and Pirate impressions.

- They consider the question: What do you do with your time, your talent and your tithe?

- They compare their favorite "The More You Know" moments with Michael J. Fox, Alec Baldwin and Ananias and Sapphira impressions.

- They check in with their favorite newsman, Tom Brokaw and his new show "The Normal News" live from Webster, SD.

- They hear from listeners in their "Viewer Mail" segment and answer questions about giving and treasure.

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