The Skit Guys

The Serenity Prayer on DVD

Script Writing Contest

We're looking for some creative/fun/poignant scripts to perform live. Now…these won't necessarily be filmed, rather we're looking for scripts that The Skit Guys can perform live on stage.

Need a little inspiration? Check out these live videos.

So, how do you do it?

Write it as close to a screenplay format as possible. (don't worry we won't take points off if it's not)

We'd like to keep the performances between 5-10 minutes.

Deadline: August 16th, 2013
Winner Announced: September 30th, 2013

1st Place Winner: iPad Mini and all Live DVD's that are currently available
2nd Place Winner: iPod Touch and all Live DVD's
3rd Place Winner: All Live DVD's and $50 credit to the site


The Call of Christmas