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  • I’m Gonna Let It Shine

    New! I’m Gonna Let It Shine

    Characters: 4
    Length: 5
    When Becky and Jackson discover a bright light, they illuminate the darkness around them. While Abby dislikes having the light reveal more

  • Silent Night, Smart Phone Night

    New! Silent Night, Smart Phone Night

    Characters: 2
    Length: 4
    John leads his son Connor into the dark, cold night to look at stars (as opposed to Connor’s phone). Conversations about the Wise Men more

  • Vines University - What Test

    Vines University - What Test

    Characters: 4
    Length: 5
    Who likes to sit in class and listen to lectures? Not Jasmine! But will she ever pass Professor Pumpkin’s test if she continually more

  • Vines University - The Dean’s List

    Vines University - The Dean’s List

    Characters: 4
    Length: 5
    The Dean’s List has officially been posted, but one name is missing! Ivy has spent the last few weeks bragging about her grades, and more

  • Vines University - Spring Break

    Vines University - Spring Break

    Characters: 2
    Length: 5
    It’s Spring Break on the VU campus and everyone is ready for a vacation! That is, everyone except Ivy. In this VU episode Dean Gourd more

  • Vines University - Rooted

    Vines University - Rooted

    Characters: 14+
    Length: 5
    The fall semester has begun, and VU has a new freshman class! Meet the new students, hear about where they were previously rooted and more

  • Vines University Old and New

    Vines University Old and New

    Characters: 3
    Length: 5
    Join Ivy as she steps foot on the VU campus for the first time and meets her lively roommate! Eager for a quiet start to the year, Ivy more

  • Vines University - Goodbye

    Vines University - Goodbye

    Characters: 6
    Length: 5
    It’s time to say goodbye for the summer and Mandy is afraid of losing touch with all her friends. This episode of VU reminds the more

  • Vines University - Food Fight

    Vines University - Food Fight

    Characters: 8
    Length: 5
    It’s time to celebrate the end of the year! But a food fight is inevitable if Tom’s not going to share the cake! In this VU episode, more

  • Vines University - Exam Day

    Vines University - Exam Day

    Characters: 6
    Length: 5
    It’s Professor Pumpkin’s first BIG exam and Tom sleeps right through it! Will he ever pass his freshman year? Join Tom as he more

  • Vines University - Cut Day

    Vines University - Cut Day

    Characters: 2
    Length: 5
    Cheerleading tryouts didn’t go the way Mandy had planned. Being cut from a squad is painful; like pruning it can either discourage us more

  • Vines University - Alum

    Vines University - Alum

    Characters: 8
    Length: 5
    As the students end their final day on campus they run into some Alumni of VU. Join these freshman as they close their year out by being more

  • Zeke’s Big Trip

    Zeke’s Big Trip

    Characters: 3
    Length: 3
    Zeke (aka Isaac) is preparing for a trip to the mountains with his dad, Abe (aka Abraham). Zeke feels uneasy about the trip and talks more

  • The Boxies And The Bullies

    The Boxies And The Bullies

    Characters: 2
    Length: 3
    Boxbob is afraid to go to school because he has already been bullied about his strange shape. Together they discover that the help he more

  • Hashtag Wonderfully Made

    Hashtag Wonderfully Made

    Characters: 2
    Length: 4
    The @ Symbol goes to God with complaints about wanting to be more like the popular Hashtag Symbol, but learns the valuable lesson that more

  • A Very Martian Christmas

    A Very Martian Christmas

    Characters: 10+
    Length: 6
    When three Martians crash after a brush with a shooting star, they land on Earth, at Christmas, right in the middle of a church Nativity more

  • A Puppet Christmas Story

    A Puppet Christmas Story

    Characters: 4
    Length: 60
    Willie and his friends are excited about the holiday season. But do they really know what Christmas is all about? With the help of a more

  • Star Spangled

    Star Spangled

    Characters: 4
    Length: 4
    A little boy wonders about the power of the flag, while a figure from its history tells the story of the night the flag changed his more

  • Only Ewe

    Only Ewe

    Characters: 3
    Length: 8
    Only Ewe is a simple, humorous script designed to explore Jesus Christ’s metaphorical role as the “good shepherd.” Through the more

  • Over the River and Into The Woods

    Over the River and Into The Woods

    Characters: 40
    Length: 90
    Marie, an aspiring writer, meets a “fortunate” accident when she trips and mixes up a large handful of scripts she plans to pitch to more

  • When Yer Whiskers Get To Twitchin’

    When Yer Whiskers Get To Twitchin’

    Characters: 4+
    Length: 10
    A mischievous little mouse and his dozens of cousins have made an astonishing discovery: a bunch of huge, brightly colored eggs all over more

  • Gobble Gobble

    Gobble Gobble

    Characters: 3
    Length: 6
    Betsy and Susie give Willie a lesson in what the Bible says about being grateful. more

  • The Hecka Big and Super Shiny Crown

    The Hecka Big and Super Shiny Crown

    Characters: 8+
    Length: 30-40
    Three young woodland critters are given a most important assignment: safely deliver the King’s beautiful crown to him without losing more

  • God’s G-Race

    God’s G-Race

    Characters: 20+
    Gracie is a young and talented athlete competing in this year’s “G-Games”. She has a devoted supporter and teammate in her heaven more

  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    Characters: 6+
    Length: 10
    Miss Pickles teaches her class a few facts about the faith and missions of Christopher Columbus. more

  • Wooly Bully Part 2

    Wooly Bully Part 2

    Characters: 5
    Length: 6
    Willie and the gang find out why Robert the Bully is such a bully and that Robert is ready for a big change of heart. (This is a sequel more

  • Wooly Bully

    Wooly Bully

    Characters: 5
    Length: 10
    Willie is afraid of Robert, the bully, but after facing him he finds out that God’s got his back. more

  • Five Dollars

    Five Dollars

    Characters: 2
    Length: 6
    Willie is really excited when he finds a five-dollar bill! But when he finds out that Susie has lost her five-dollar bill, will he do more

  • The Advocates

    The Advocates

    Characters: 10+
    Does your VBS program need an extra volt of adventure and excitement? Then plug into this new VBS skit pack, THE ADVOCATES. Designed to more

  • Camp Sonrise: Script Pack

    Camp Sonrise: Script Pack

    Characters: 17+
    Length: 6-18
    Join the kids at Camp Sonrise in a series of adventures and lessons in this 5 script series for your VBS or Children’s Camp. more

  • Camp Sonrise: God is With Joseph

    Camp Sonrise: God is With Joseph

    Characters: 17
    Length: 18
    This is a fun telling of Joseph the dreamer, and how God was always with him, even through some really awful circumstances! more

  • Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

    Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

    Characters: 14
    Length: 5
    The kids at Camp Sonrise are taking an evening hike, but are finding it hard to find their way in the dark. This is a fun telling of the more