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  • Scripture Superheroes

    Scripture Superheroes

    Characters: 36, 14 actors.
    Length: 8-11 minutes each.
    Scripture Superheroes is a series of 6 dramas that was designed for a VBS style camp setting with 1 skit being performed per day, Monday more

  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    Characters: 6
    Length: 5-7 minutes
    Paul and Barnabas take on their first missionary journey. They cover a lot of ground and encounter many obstacles as they overcome with more

  • Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and Stones

    Characters: 12+
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    The story of David and the Philistine Giant, Goliath. A lesson on obediance, faithfulness and trusting God. more

  • Do You See What I See?

    Do You See What I See?

    Characters: 6
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    This is the story of David as he encounters King Saul in a cave and how David spares Saul’s life. more

  • David the Seeker

    David the Seeker

    Characters: 14
    Length: 3-5 minutes
    The story of David and his army being chased by King Saul. more

  • David Strikes Oil

    David Strikes Oil

    Characters: 11
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    The story of David, young shepherd boy anointed future king. In this script, Samuel learns to listen to God as he searches for the next more

  • Wharton Finds a Whatzit

    Wharton Finds a Whatzit

    Characters: 1
    Length: 6-8 minutes
    This extremely loose paraphrase of the Book of Exodus - in the style of Dr.Seuss! - focuses on God’s provision for His people. more

  • Sauly of Tarsus

    Sauly of Tarsus

    Characters: 5+
    Length: 4-6 minutes
    A comedic introduction to Saul’s transformation by Jesus on the road to Damascus. more

  • King Midas: Ensemble

    King Midas: Ensemble

    Characters: 6+
    Length: 8-10 minutes
    In this retelling of the ancient story a greedy man learns what really matters- and what really doesn’t. A touching, gently more

  • S.S. Paul Minnow

    S.S. Paul Minnow

    Characters: 8+
    Length: 4-6 minutes
    A comedic retelling of Paul’s shipwreck. The writing mildly spoofs the TV show Gilligan’s Island. Paul is a prisoner aboard more

  • Jailhouse Rock

    Jailhouse Rock

    Characters: 6
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    Paul and Silas have been through some pretty rough stuff, yet even in jail they continue to praise and worship God. This short script is more

  • Here Comes the Judge

    Here Comes the Judge

    Characters: 6
    Length: 3-4 minutes
    Daniel is brought to trial before Judge Judy. A humorous take on the story of Daniel for kids. more

  • Not a Lick Nor a Scratch

    Not a Lick Nor a Scratch

    Characters: 5
    Length: 2-4 minutes
    The story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. more

  • I’ll Have What He’s Having

    I’ll Have What He’s Having

    Characters: 10
    Length: 2-3 minutes
    The story of Daniel and his friends as they were taken from their home and brought to a foreign land. more

  • A Christmas Journey

    A Christmas Journey

    Characters: 16+
    Length: 20-30 minutes
    It’s the night before the big event, and Christmas is on a journey to the Holy Little City. He and the friends he meets up with more

  • Moses and the Plague Factory

    Moses and the Plague Factory

    Characters: 6
    Length: 5-6 minutes
    A comedic telling of the story of Moses and the Plagues. more

  • Staff Meeting

    Staff Meeting

    Characters: 3
    Length: 3-5 minutes
    Moses receives his call from God via the burning bush. more

  • Who Booked This Trip Anyway?

    Who Booked This Trip Anyway?

    Characters: 10
    Length: 2-4 minutes
    The never-ending journey from Egypt to Canaan is not exactly the Israelites’ dream vacation, and they aren’t afraid to say more

  • Eyewitness - An Easter Play for Children

    Characters: 19
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    It’s two days after the resurrection of Jesus and the disciples are a little on edge about what will happen next. As they hide away more

  • Booger Monster

    Booger Monster

    Characters: 2
    Length: 7-10 minutes
    What do you do when you’re 4-years-old and you’re convinced that there’s a Booger Monster under your bed? You call for Daddy to more

  • The Great Adventure of Sling and Stone

    The Great Adventure of Sling and Stone

    Characters: 2 actors
    Length: 5-7 minutes
    Here is a fun and different perspective about how God can use even the smallest of us for His very large purpose! more

  • The Birdcage

    The Birdcage

    Characters: 2
    Length: 5-7 minutes
    The Bird Cage is a metaphor to humanity’s imprisonment and Jesus’ redemption plan that sets us free. Skit starts out as a more