Graduation Scripts

This is a Reader’s Theater skit that asks the hard questions that we ask ourselves about why we were put on this planet. In the end it is shown that once we get our eyes off of ourselves and make ourselves available to God that we find purpose.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 3-5 minutes

When flight 206’s engines fail, the passengers have to quickly fulfill all of their dreams and unfinished business. However, they are in a surprise and may have longer to live after all. Will they seize the new opportunity to live with purpose, or waste it in their same old way of living?

Actors: 7 Minutes: 6-8 minutes

Julie is about to graduate and her mom begins asking questions about her future. It seems that Julie has no plans to use her degree. This skit shows both the importance of education and using what you learn in life.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

Three friends have just graduated from High School and sit around discussing the future. These friends all think of success in different ways. Only one seems to have a responsible look at the rest of his life.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 8-10 minutes