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First Christmas Videos

First Christmas: Video Bundle

It was a night that no one would forget. The night the Christ Child was born. Watch as we hear reflections on that night from Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, The Inn Keeper, A Wiseman, A Shepherd. Each invited to take part in the birth of the world’s savior. Includes all 6 videos, 6 scripts, Sermon Guides, Artwork, Motion & Still backgrounds and a Countdown.

First Christmas: Mary

Watch as Mary discovers that Christ really will change everything.

First Christmas: Elizabeth

Watch as Elizabeth discovers that God can create life out of a barren womb.

First Christmas: Shepherd

The night of Christ’s birth, a shepherd realizes that this night is good news to ALL people.

First Christmas: Wise Man

Watch as the Wiseman recounts his journey and the surprise at the end of it all.

First Christmas: Innkeeper

Watch as the InnKeeper comes to realize why his mother always told him to make room.