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Join A Group Today

Healthy churches grow larger and smaller at the same time. They grow larger (numerically) in corporate worship, but also smaller as members connect through small groups. It’s easy for new members to get “lost in the crowd” and feel disconnected, but God created us to do life together. Use this Small Group promo video to encourage your members to get involved in a small group, where they can grow together, pray together, and serve together. Use this small group video during your announcement time or as part of your sermon when you are preaching on the topics of small groups, spiritual growth, discipleship, Bible study, or community.

Church announcement 2: Small Groups

Small Groups…they’re more than just donuts. Tommy and Eddie help people understand why they should get involved.

Church Announcement: Small Groups

Small Groups: Whatever you may call them, Tommy and Eddie encourage your church to sign up for small groups.

Juice Box Christian

In this satirical video, a 20-something guy describes why his ideal Sunday School is Mrs. Evans’ first grade class. It fits his learning style, which is to avoid anything that’s too difficult or complicated or doesn’t come with snacks. A great tool for teachers or pastors looking for a fun illustration of spiritual complacency. Use laughter to challenge your audience to work harder at growing in Christ and understanding the Word.

It’s Cold: Join a Small Group

Don’t live in isolation. Get out of the cold and into a small group. Use this video to help promote small groups during your church
service so that people can connect with others and experience the warmth that fellowship has to offer.

We Can Talk: Manning Up for Small Groups

Looking for a way to get couples talking about joining a small group? The Skit Guys address the many benefits and hang-ups of joining a group and sharing life with others.

Killer Community Tips

Community groups are an important part of every church in helping develop fully devoted followers of Christ. Johnny and Chachi return to offer invaluable “advice” on how to experience community at its finest.

Comfort Zone

It seems that way too many of us tend to live inside our “Comfort Zone” and miss out on what God has planned for us. In this humorous 1950’s style video, Tommy helps people see that living life inside the comfort zone is living outside of God’s will.