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Do you ever wish you could use more Skit Guys videos in your church without paying more?

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How can I tell what videos qualify for a free download?

You can download any video found in the MORE video library. Every new Skit Guys Studios release is added to the MORE Video Library on release as well. So there is always more to download!

Can I download your Christmas or Easter series bundles?

You can download all the videos included in the series bundles through MORE immediately!

Will my credits expire each month?

With Just More and Even More, your credits will expire every month. You will want to plan ahead to download the videos you want to use in the near future. Even if you don’t use all your credits, it’s still a great deal!

Always well, Always More. You'll always be able to download content that your church needs every month.

Can I include MORE videos in our church’s service stream?

Yes! Your MORE subscription license allows you to include videos in your church stream.