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A Perfect Mess

New! A Perfect Mess

Actors: 11 | Minutes: 15
Believe It Or Not

Believe It Or Not

Actors: 5 | Minutes: 2-3 minutes
Come to the Manger

Come to the Manger

Actors: 7+ | Minutes: 15
The Nazareth Evening News

The Nazareth Evening News

Actors: 8 | Minutes: 45
American Idolatry: Christmas Edition

American Idolatry: Christmas Edition

Actors: 5 | Minutes: 6
Christmas is About Receiving

Christmas is About Receiving

Actors: 2 | Minutes: 4-6 minutes

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Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Relationships

Found in Podcasts, from The Skit Guys Podcast.

Tommy and Eddie introduce a whole new format in this podcast. With "Skit Guys TV on the Radio," they share audio from their TV show, Laugh with the Skit Guys. It's like listening to an old-timey radio show, so gather around the "radio" and listen along as the guys cover the topic of relationships.listen now

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Date Event Location
November 30, 2017 YFC Christmas Comedy Show Hutchinson, MN
December 1, 2017 YFC Christmas Comedy Show Willmar, MN
December 2, 2017 Planet Wisdom Twin Cities, MN
January 25, 2018 Conclave Chattanooga, TN
January 29, 2018 AR State Conference on Evangelism & Church Health Little Rock, AR
February 2 - Feb 3, 2018 Planet Wisdom Kansas City, KS
February 23 - Feb 24, 2018 Planet Wisdom DFW, TX
March 2 - Mar 3, 2018 Planet Wisdom Washington, DC
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