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The Skit Guys Blog

How much noise do you find in your life? As you're reading this, maybe you can hear a fan, a neighbor working on his deck, or the occasional dog bark or truck drive by. But even if it was completely silent in your house, would you find things to fill the quiet space (even the quiet space in your mind)? Maybe you'd scroll through social media feeds, blast music, talk to your pets. Anything to avoid the silence. But why? What am we afraid to hear in that silence?

Tour Schedule

Date Event Location
Jul 7, 2023 Life Fellowship Freedom Fest Athens, TX
Jul 9, 2023 Life Fellowship Sunday Services Athens, TX
Jul 19, 2023 Celebrate Recovery Summit Lake Forest, CA
Sep 14, 2023 James Valley Christian School Fundraiser Huron, SD
Sep 16, 2023 Transform Men's Conference Laurel, MS
Oct 7, 2023 Pathway Church Volunteer Appreciation Vero Beach, FL
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