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Recent Episodes

Episode Description
Dad-isms After a poolside musical performance, this podcast is all about dads, filled with dad-isms, memories of Tommy & Eddie's dads, stories of embarrassing their kids, and heartwarming thoughts about being a dad. Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Excessiveness & Moms & God’s Plan Tommy and Eddie are excited to share one of their favorite Stevie & Danny videos in this episode of Skit Guys TV on the Radio. They also offer up a tribute to moms (because every day should be Mother's Day!), and a deep, heartfelt video about handling the cards you've been dealt in life. Listen Now
Ask Tommy & Eddie - May 2018 Edition Have you ever wondered what Tommy and Eddie watch on TV, their favorite Bible verses, or their favorite songs from the 80s? In this episode, the guys answer a random collection of questions from their podience. Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Sharing is Caring On their way to 200 podcasts, Tommy and Eddie are already up to episode 101! In this podcast the guys introduce skits from their TV show, Laugh with the Skit Guys, that focus on sharing your faith. Listen Now
Episode 100: Worth the 12 Year Wait After only 12 years, The Skit Guys have reached a pinnacle of podcast glory -- their 100th episode! Listen to Tommy and Eddie reflect on their illustrious podcast career and answer questions from fans (with a few surprises from their past). Listen Now
Easter, Candy, and a Rat? Tommy and Eddie debate the best Easter candy, share their own Easter traditions and memories, and dig into how Easter serves as the cornerstone of Christian Faith. Oh, and a rat shows up in one of the guys' stories! Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Discipleship Tommy and Eddie bring us a few skits that focus on discipleship. It may be a serious topic, but you can bet you'll laugh a lot through this podcast! Listen Now
Love: Epic Fails It's February, and love is in the air. In this episode, the guys share some podience member love stories, along with a few of their own Valentine's Day and love stories (including a few epic fails!). Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Love In an episode all about love, Tommy, Eddie, and a special guest share some nuggets of wisdom before introducing three skits about love and relationships. Listen Now
All Things New A few guests show up to join the guys early in this episode before Eddie and Tommy jump into what "resolve" really means. They get pretty honest about the hard things they're working on in 2018, along with the new hobbies and foods they're planning try this year. Can you say, "extreme ironing?" Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Character Curl up to the ole [whatever you listen to podcasts on] and gather the family to hear the next episode of the Skit Guys' TV show on the radio. In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring you three skits that focus on character (and will crack you up!). Listen Now
The Best Christmas Podcast Ever Tis the season! In this podcast, Tommy and Eddie perfect the art of re-gifting Christmas presents and reveal the name of the little drummer boy. Listen Now
Thanksgiving Mozzarella Sticks The guys take some time to share things that fans are thankful for, but first, Eddie and Tommy share a few fun Thanksgiving memories. (Warning: Do NOT listen to this during your Thanksgiving meal, but do add some mozzarella sticks to your appetizer menu.) Listen Now
Skit Guys TV on the Radio: Relationships Tommy and Eddie introduce a whole new format in this podcast. With "Skit Guys TV on the Radio," they share audio from their TV show, Laugh with the Skit Guys. It's like listening to an old-timey radio show, so gather around the "radio" and listen along as the guys cover the topic of relationships. Listen Now
Fiber, Fall Frights & Family Camp The guys are back after a brief hiatus, and they're working on getting regular. They discuss Star Wars collectibles and give an update on their upcoming feature movie, "Family Camp." In the spirit of October, the guys also talk about some of their fears (rational, and not-so-rational!). Listen Now
Summer Lovin’ (Had Me a Blast) Grab a cold lemonade and get ready for some summer fun! In this episode, Tommy and Eddie reminisce on their radio DJ days and talk about their summer memories and memories that fans have shared with them. Listen Now
The Return of Ask Tommy and Eddie Once upon a time the guys did a YouTube show where they answered questions from fans. Now they're bringing "Ask Tommy & Eddie" to their podience members, and in this episode they answer questions about vegans and chickens as well as questions about life and faith. Listen Now
The Bad Boys of Christian Comedy In this entertaining episode, Tommy and Eddie reflect on the things in their childhoods that shaped them, like their favorite sugary cereals, what kind of TV comedy they loved, and how they got started doing skits for their youth group. They also laugh about their first paid gig (and how they both met their wives there!). Listen Now
A Rogue One! Tommy & Eddie are left alone with the podcast equipment. Please know that no one at Skit Guys Inc. can be held responsible for what you hear in this podcast. You have been warned. Listen Now
Christmas 2016 Podcast with Christmas Carol It’s the annual Christmas podcast from the guys! In this episode the angel, "Christmas Carol," helps Tommy regain some Christmas spirit. It’s a jolly good time! Listen Now
BeanBoozled This is a podcast for the history books. In fact, it’s so epic that we also have a video version available. Listen (or watch) as Tommy and Eddie take on a jelly bean challenge. They might be tasting everything from grass clippings and toothpaste to dog food and chocolate pudding. Listen Now
Back To School Podcast It’s the back to school podcast! Listen in as Tommy and Eddie talk about their favorite teachers, Sceva House and Obsession (the perfume, not the emotion). Appearances by Skit Guys employees Brian, Jay-Benji, and Forrest add to the fun. Listen Now
Welcome Back Podcast The big end of summer podcast features Sweet Swine, Alec Baldwin and Regis Philbin. Tommy and Eddie re-cap highlights from their summer and have a special prayer request at the end of this episode. Listen Now
The Incident The podcast within a podcast. Tommy and Eddie try out a new summer-fun-time song, jump in the wayback machine to listen to a podcast from 2009, and talk about the "incident." Listen Now
If Darth Vader Was Your Father It's our Father's Day podcast! We're talking about dads and being dads. We read some great fatherly advice from our Facebookers and discuss famous "dad movies." Listen Now
Graduating with a Degree in Wisdom As Tommy’s daughter graduates high school, Eddie makes his best attempt to give sage advice. The podience also chimes in with their wisdom and “best advice” they’ve ever received. Listen Now
Send in the Clowns The Skit Guys discuss a clown who knocked a dad unconscious. Also, Vern, Chuckles, and Richard, clowns on Skit Guys staff, make an appearance. The guys talk about what to do when the clowns of life try to take you down. Listen Now
The Biggest Mother’s Day Show in Podcast History It’s the Skit Guys Mother’s Day special. Tommy and Eddie debate what movie would be good to take your mom to see. Special guests Ethel Gurgington and Claudell Danskins, the oldest moms alive, discuss the secret to living a long life. Also, embarrassing mom moments...don’t miss it. Listen Now
Our Most Asked Question How did it all start? In this podcast the guys talk about the origin story of Skit Guys and their friendship. Also discussed, how Pooh and Piglet’s relationship deteriorated over the years. Listen Now
This Is Deep, Really Deep In which Tommy and Eddie discuss deep topics, then jump in the car and veer down memory lane. Discussions of TV shows, old homes, and much more ensue. Listen Now
The Big Easter Podcast Presentation Tommy and Eddie present their Easter Podcast, in which they talk about Resurrection, funny church Easter stories, and the worst things found in your Easter baskets. John Rambeaux and Martha, his wife, make a surprise appearance. Also, a “viewing” of a few Easter videos. Listen Now
Daylight Shingle Time Gunglemoor the stabbing shingle troll makes his first appearance on The Skit Guys podcast. Also, Tommy and Eddie talk about secret sins, shingles and daylight saving time. But really, Gunglemoor. Listen Now
Philadelphia Tommy and Eddie talk about brotherly and sisterly love and share viewer mail on what it means. They also have a 1981 Valentine’s Day Friendship Flashback. Join the Skit Guys with special guests Carol the Ghost and Phineas the Skit Guys Lawyer. Listen Now
Eat More Dessert We may already be into 2016, but the guys are back and better ever with an episode devoted to their New Years' resolutions. They talk about their goals for 2016, holding on for the holidays and even read through some listener resolutions... Listen Now
The Great Christmas Special of 2015 The guys celebrate the reason for the season as well as the last episode of 2015 with a Christmas extravaganza. Tom Brokaw hosts the festivities and spends time with a parade of your very favorite Skit Guys podcast guests... Listen Now
Raised By TV, Saved By Jesus The guys imagine what Thanksgiving must be like for Star Wars characters, talk about quirky Thanksgiving traditions and revisit the majestic glory of Happy Nature Fun Time... Listen Now
The Death of Fear Is Certain Ever wonder how to make the death of your fear certain? Or what the two kinds of pain are? This episode answers those questions and more. Special thanks to Liam Neeson and his janitorial skills in the making of this episode! Listen Now
You May Feel Like A Shrimp, But Act Like a Gator The guys talk about being knee deep in the back to school season. They also have a friendship flashback, answer viewer mail and welcome back John Rambeaux in a triumphant return. Listen Now
Wisdom Is Like A Free Refill (Part 2) The guys talk through some of the wise and unwise things listeners shared on Facebook and when keeping it real can go wrong at a funeral service... Listen Now
Wisdom Is Like A Free Refill (Part 1) Eddie welcomes Tommy back from the haze of wisdom tooth surgery and to celebrate, the guys talk all about wisdom. The first in a two-part conversation. Listen Now
The Greatest Hits Episode Tommy's on injured reserved as he recovers from having his wisdom teeth removed, so Eddie takes over and talks about his five favorite moments from past Skit Guys podcast episodes. Listen Now
The Dog Days of Summer Tommy and Eddie deconstruct summery concepts like "shaved ice" and "dog days" along with talking about summer difficulties and how to find refuge in times of trouble. Their new segment, "Stupid News" debuts and they spend some time reading Viewer Mail. Listen Now
Fear! What Is It Good For? Tommy and Eddie talk all things fear. Their own personal ones, the four basic types of it, what fear is all about and even some random and crazy fears. They also try to get to the bottom of Tommy's strange relationship with marshmallows. Listen Now
What’s Love Got To Do With It? In this episode, the Skit Guys talk all about love. The different kinds, the different ways and how they all connect back to the perfect love that Christ gifted us with. The guys also weather a few interruptions from staff member, John Rambeaux, and check in with their good friends Stevie and Danny. Listen Now
Where Is Your Treasure? In the new version of the Skit Guys podcast, Tommy and Eddie discuss the idea of "Where Is Your Treasure?" A serious conversation with great insight and wisdom but not without tons of fun all around it. Listen Now
The End Of The World As We Know It Tommy & Eddie share their last podcast? Listen Now
Feet Smell Like Death Tommy & Eddie discuss things in the world that smell like death. (Sounds more morbid than it actually is.) They also discuss tv shows, podience mail, and their upcoming trip to Africa....which happened the week before this podcast was published! Listen Now
Toodle Loo Tolu In the first podcast of 2014, Tommy & Eddie run in to Alec Baldwin, Christmas Carol, an astronaut and a cat. They talk about movies, TV, Podience mail, and how Tommy needs to lose weight! Listen Now
Happy Nature Fun Time - Number 3 or 4…We can’t remember Hanging out in the greenroom before a show, Tommy and Eddie take this podcast to the next level! Oh who are we is the same stuff: tv shows, podience mail, too many musical references and a special offer only to podience members! Listen Now
On The Road Again If you have ever wondered how much fun it would be to ride to an event with Tommy & Eddie then get ready to have your dreams killed! This podcast is just that....the discussion between Tommy & Eddie on the way to a gig. We apologize in advance for the sound of Tommy eating a hot dog and Eddie eating almonds! Listen Now
A Boogla-Boogla-Boogla Ah-Ah-Ahhh After the April Fools podcast, Tommy & Eddie are back! This is a virtual cornucopia of discussion items including: tv shows, music, movies, shooting cats, etc. Listen Now
Two Fools With A Message In this VERY SPECIAL podcast, Tommy & Eddie share the importance of communicating things quickly and to the point while having fun and the same time! Listen Now
Good Medicine Tommy and Eddie take some time to discuss their thoughts on comedy. What they are watching that is funny. What funny people they look up to and the importance of comedy in our lives. Listen Now
Happy New You! Join Tommy & Eddie for the best podcast of 2013 yet! ( is the only one so far!) The guys discuss a little leftover Christmas stuff and then dig into dreams and goals of the new year. That is all we can say about it....good day. (but) I SAID GOOD DAY! Listen Now
Thanksgiving Mix Tape Side B "Happy Nature Fun Time" is back! Now there's something to be thankful for. In this very special holiday podcast, Tommy and Eddie opine about what they are thankful for. They also provide multiple times for you to stop listening and actually do some thankful exercise! Oh yeah, and they argue over McDonald Land characters! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 48 - Linda May Be Right After a 2 month hiatus Tommy & Eddie are back better than ever! Oh who are we kidding? Keep your expectations low and you just might enjoy this podcast. The guys try their hand at different languages, talk about the naming the Belk department stores, what it takes to do what they do, and...what else...oh yeah...TV shows! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 47 - Baby You’re A Firework! Tommy & Eddie reminisce about July 4th celebrations, debate the mental health of Batman, and talk about random movie stuff. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 46 - The Morning Zoo Part 2 The guys realize that if they weren't "Skit Guys" they would have to do something else. More than likely it would be running a morning show in a very small town. Special guest include: Stevie & Danny, Nancy Grace, Alec Baldwin, and many more! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 45 - Running Down A Dream The guys have discovered a "brand new" technology for making podcast. They are "cutting edge" now! Join Tommy and Eddie as the run down a dream....actually, that is just a song that Eddie quotes a few times. Don't tell them I told you that ahead of time! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 44 - Rants and Ramblings Part Two WARNING!!!!! This is the most random Skit Guys Podcast yet! The guys discuss...well...they talk about...oh...who knows what they're talking about. You've Been Warned! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 43 - Beginning Of The End! Since this is the last year of humanity, why not start it off right with a great Skit Guys' Podcast! TV Shows, End of the world predictions, new year's resolutions and sheep! This is a fitting beginning to the end of it all! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 42 - Christmas Carol…sorta In this special Christmas podcast, Tommy & Eddie talk about "Happy Holidays" vs "Merry Christmas", they share their thoughts on TV shows, AND they give a very special presentation of something like Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 41 - Happy Thanksgiving Tommy & Eddie talk turkey and think about what could happen if Thanksgiving and Christmas were combined. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 40 - Happy Halloween Tommy & Eddie take some time to reminisce about Halloween as kids, hunted houses, and read some podience mail. Have no fear, this one is half as long as number 39! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 39 - Double Issue Tommy & Eddie combine August & September in this 1:20 long podcast. However, a longer podcast does not mean a more informative podcast. If you keep your expectations low, you should enjoy this one! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 38 - The Odd Couple Summer camp may be fun for the campers, but after three weeks cooped up together, Tommy and Eddie turn into the odd couple. Join the guys as they argue about everything from who is the messiest to the importance of last words. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 37 - The Morning Zoo What if Tommy & Eddie were DJ's on a morning radio show? In this podcast, they imagine what that would be like. And they also answer some viewer mail, talk about TV shows and find other ways to waste an hour of your life! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 36 - Antagonized with Ropers Join Tommy & Eddie as they discuss and argue about tv shows, secrets, & viewer mail. Caution: Tommy was in a bad mood...or was it Eddie? You decide! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 35 - So You Wanna Be A Skit Guy or Girl CAUTION! This is not your normal podcast. In this informative and possibly boring podcast, Tommy & Eddie take the time to answer questions they get about how they became Skit Guys and give advice to people who want to travel and do skits for a living. You've been warned! wink Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 34 - Temporary Home Tommy & Eddie premier the "New Release Wednesday" song, debate the pronunciation of words, answer some podience e-mail, and do a Carrie Underwood tune! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 33 - Christmas Carroll In this HOUR LONG Christmas special, Tommy & Eddie are visited by three ghosts and one grhost that are seeking to help them keep Christmas in their podcast. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 32 - Thanksgiving Mix Tape Tommy & Eddie have made you a "mix tape" to try and make up for being gone so long. Listen to it while traveling to your Thanksgiving destination and have a "Happy Nature Fun Time"! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 31 - Wouldn’t It Be Crazy If… Tommy & Eddie wax poetically about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Oh, who are we kidding, they talk about TV shows, achieving your dreams, and Eddie turning 40. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 30 - To The Moon Alice! Join the guys as they talk about comedy: the science behind it, the people that make them laugh, and a trip to the moon! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 29 - Welcome Back Kotter Their Back! Finally after a two month hiatus, Tommy & Eddie return to dig deep in their souls and find more meaningless things to discuss. Join the guys as they make up reasons why they hadn't done a podcast over the past two months, take a few phone calls, and answer podience mail. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 28 - Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal Tommy fools Eddie into thinking that what they are recording is actually a rehearsal and not the real thing. In this "extended length" podcast, the guys answer e-mails, talk about movies, and share what God is teaching them. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 27 - Love Letters on Rabbit Trails Join Ed and Tommy as they read e-mails from podience members that lead them down several different rabbit trails. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 26 - Pants On The Ground! It's a new year with new dreams, new goal, and new opportunities for Eddie & Tommy to talk about stuff! Join the guys as they talk about their goals, reflect on the past decade and share plans for a new colony on the moon! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 25 - Christmas Extravaganza! Join Ed & Tommy as they celebrate Christmas live at Rockefeller Center with Tom Brokaw, Alec Baldwin, Stevie & Danny, David Crowder, Bob Dylan, and many more! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 24 - Doing Life Together Join the guys as they take some time to be "a little" more serious and discuss doing life a special phone call...a visit from Alec...random discussions...oh yea, and TV shows. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 23 - Year 2035: Squirrels, pico and the “incident” Take a trip with the guys to the year 2035. "Future Thomas & Edgar" do a podcast for their one remaining podience member. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 22 - European Tuna In this random and somewhat bizarre podcast, Tommy and Eddie talk about nothing for 30 minutes and then have a conversation with their first stalker. If time is of the utmost importance to you, then by all means do spend an hour listening to this! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 21 - On The Go! Eddie and Tommy do a podcast "on the go"! Join them as they drive around a small Georgia town telling stories and making up different characters they think might live and work there. They answer PODIENCE MAIL and wax rhapsodic on relationships. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 20 - 20th Skit-iversary In their 20th podcast, Tommy & Eddie celebrate 20 years of ministering together! But that's not all! They also have a very special "Friendship Flashback" about BLT's & Eddie's grandma. Plus: hear a rare interview by Tom Brokaw with Sylvester Stallone. Wow...this sounds better than it actually is! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 19 - Tommy’s Premonition In this moving made for t.v. Lifetime original docudrama entitled "Tommy's Premonition", Tommy and Eddie reply to podience mail, have a friendship flashback, and solve the global warming problem. (eh...two out of three ain't bad!) Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 18 - Rabbit Trails Tommy & Eddie take a trip down memory lane when they got in trouble in elementary school. Also a fun friendship flashback! Plus, listen on how to enter our “Over the Top Movie Contest”! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 17 - Happy Easter Tommy & Eddie enjoy doing a podcast in front of a "live studio audience"! The guys share their thoughts about TV shows, 80's music, and Lawrence Welk. Plus a very special "Friendship Flashback" and an Easter drama tip. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 16 - Stevie and Danny Take Over The podcast is "hijacked" by Stevie & Danny who share their thoughts on TV, Church Drama, and a very special friendship flashback! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 15 - New Year’s Resolutions New Year's resolutions, podience mail, special guests and a defining friendship flashback! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 14 - The Christmas Gift Some gifts are thoughtful, some are memorable, some bring you great joy, and others just don't fit. In this podcast, The Skit Guys give you a very special Christmas gift. Merry Christmas & happy New Year!!! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 13 - Thanksgiving Extravaganza! Join Tommy & Eddie and a number of "special guests" to celebrate what you're thankful for. FYI - If you downloaded what you thought was podcast 13 but it sounded just like podcast 12...this is the one you're actually looking for! Sorry for the confusion. Figures it would happen on lucky podcast 13!! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 12 - Rants and Rambling Tommy & Eddie respond to podience mail by ranting about who's wrong and who's right. They also take some time to ramble about things and ask for podience help. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 11 - “Show Me The Funny” Tommy & Eddie share some fun stories from this past summer AND reveal stupid things they did to get girls' attention in High School! Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 10 - “Wanna Be Your Steamroller!” Tommy & Eddie discuss shows they're watching, argue about music, and tell stories about their dads. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 9 - “No Repeat” Promise! Feeling the pressure from a demanding podiance, the guys make a "No Repeat" promise. They also talk about TV, Videos, Soldiers, and Friendship Flashback to a special moment where Tommy plays the Holy Spirit for Eddie. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 8 - TV Shows and Breaking Up Tommy and Ed talk about how God seems to use TV and Movies to show them life lessons. The guys answer "podience" mail on breaking up. They "Friendship flashback" about a break up with the same girl and give a drama tip about the basics. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 7: Podience Mail The Guys answer some "podience" mail and discuss discernment in what you watch. Also included, a performance of "Friends Tell Friends Everything". Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 6: Comedy Heroes Tommy and Eddie discuss their comedy heroes, and they elaborate on the importance of knowing your audience. Also includes an incredibly embarrassing friendship flashback moment. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 5: Knowing Your Audience Listen as the guys recorded a late-night podcast in Australia. You'll be entertained, for sure, but if you listen closely, you'll also learn a little about the importance of knowing your audience. Listen Now
Skit Guys Podcast 4: The “You Say This, I Say This” Method Learn the method Tommy & Eddie use to develop scenes and characters, "You Say This, I Say This." Includes another controversial guest appearance by Alec Baldwin. Listen Now