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God wants every part of us. Real life is found by living for him and allowing him to work through us. That’s what we were created to do and that is where we find true fulfillment. It should be no surprise when He asks us to give up the very things that hinder us from following Him completely.

Posted on Sep 16, 2022

The Skinny on Evangelism

Sharing our faith can be an intimidating endeavor. While it comes easier to some than others, we all should aim to build relationships with non-believers and speak truth into their lives whenever the opportunity arises.

Sometimes we look around and think everyone else has it all together. Some are better looking, come from better families, make more money, or don’t ever seem to face hardships. While it’s true that some have to deal with more pain and obstacles in life than others, everyone has a story. Suffering is a consequence of the fallen world we live in and no one gets a free pass. But we don’t have to be defined by our suffering; instead we can allow God to turn it into something beautiful.

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The Skit Guys are appearing on the K-LOVE Christmas Tour in December 2021. They'll be joining Casting Crowns, Mac Powell, CAIN, Dante Bowe, and Jordan St. Cyr in 13 cities. Find out if they're coming to a city near you!

Posted on Sep 21, 2021

Our "friendaversary"

34 years ago, Tommy invited Eddie to church, and their lives have never been the same.

We're hosting the K-LOVE Official Book Club for the month of September. Join the group to get in on the discussions and to see exclusive videos from Tommy and Eddie on the topic of friendship and relationships.

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