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Posted on May 12, 2020

Resources for Online Church

Hopefully by now you know that we've made the majority of our videos available for streaming in your online services (as long as you're using the video within the context of your service, and not posting it directly to social media on its own). You'll see a yellow highlighted box under the video title that says "Includes Streaming Rights" where applicable. (The videos that don't include streaming rights may not have copyright-free music, and could potentially get your entire service video pulled from YouTube or Facebook, so be sure to only include videos that include those streaming rights).

Explore this week's Bedtime Bible Stories memory verse, John 16:33, deeper. Use this guide to think about and get creative with this passage of scripture.

This weekend, spend time with your family digging into Psalm 139. Use this guide to help you explore the scripture, get creative, and have fun while learning more about how uniquely and specially God made each of you!

Just because we are taking the night off from Bedtime Bible Stories doesn't mean your family can't have a meaningful interaction with God's Word. Use this guide to dig deeper into John 10 (including this week's memory verse) and see how God uses it to speak to you.

You've seen us talk about how you can personalize the new Online Easter Invite video. Here's the help you're looking for to do it yourself.

Trying to do life, church, and community during the Covid-19 pandemic is a new challenge that we’re all learning to navigate together. As pastors in our own local churches, we understand those challenges you’re facing. Here you'll find updates to our streaming licensing, free resources, and other ways is partnering with churches to shift to online ministry.

We hope you'll take the opportunity to have a fun time with your family while we take a break from Bedtime Bible Stories with The Skit Guys tonight. Below you'll find a "fun-for-everyone" experience that you can use at home. It focuses on the passage where last week's memory verse came from, 1 Chronicles 16: 8-36.

skitguys video
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