A Parent's Prayer: Back to School


Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.




As stores create their "back to school" sections, it's hard to believe summer is coming to an end and that our kids are old enough to be going into the next grade. And as we think about what clothes, shoes, and supplies our kids need, somewhere in the back of our minds are the hopes and dreams we have for our kids this year, along with fears and concerns that can sometimes overwhelm us.


The constant flow of news shows us all the things that could go wrong for our children: bullying, drugs, violence, and so much more. It's easy for us to feel like so much could go wrong. But there's hope, because our kids are not out there alone.


God is with every one of our children as they make their way onto school buses, into classrooms, or onto campuses. He has created them for a purpose. As we walk into this new school year, may we turn our hearts towards Jesus and ask Him to protect our children, to guide them in His ways, and to reveal to them the plans that He has for their lives.


We can't even begin to imagine what God wants to do in and through them, but we have the privilege of teaching them about His great love for them and showing them the path to Jesus. And we have the honor of watching God do His amazing work in their lives.



Write down three hopes you have for your children this year. What do you want to celebrate with them when this new school year has ended? Write down your fears and ask God to replace them with peace.



Jesus, I know that you walked this earth and experienced the pain of living as a human, facing the bullies and the violence that have always existed here. Thank you for being willing to join us and for taking on that pain for us. This year, I entrust my kids into Your hands. Watch over them, protect them, and be with them as they go about their days. Thank you for the privilege to be a parent to such amazing humans. Give me the wisdom and patience and trust that I need to lead them through this year.

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