Skits Strike Back


About this book

Tommy and Eddie have often said that laughter can break down walls for the truth to enter. Now the guys are back with a few friends and 25 skits to get your church laughing and thinking about the truth of your message. Instead of cheesy skits, Skits Strike Back brings fun characters, witty scripts, and entertaining situations — all categorized by monologues, ensembles, comedy, drama, and “Skits for Idiots” (because it would take an idiot not to be able to do them right!).

Skits Strike Back is a great resource when you need a little extra help. The book is designed to make your job easier. Use the index to search by scripture or topic to find the perfect sketch to illustrate the point of whatever kind of service, gathering, or meeting you’re having.

You’ll find everything you need to make these skits the best that they can be — overview, characters, wardrobe, scripture reference, props, direction pointers in each skit, and, of course, a complete script. Use them straight out of the book, or tweak and customize the scripts to make it fit in your context.

Skits Strike Back includes:
• Possum Parable
• Ehud: The Left-Handed Man
• Pity Party Café
• Caterpillars Die!
• Hard-Heart Detector
• Worship Team Suggestion Box
• Prodigal Problems
• And 18 additional skits to use where you need them

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