Thanksgiving Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • Specificity


    Bob’s writing thank you notes, but totally missing the point. Are we being intentional with our thanks? more

  • Before We Get Off This Ship

    Before We Get Off This Ship

    William Bradford, transported through time, explains the history and importance of the Mayflower Compact…and the importance of more

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    Attitude of Gratitude

    It’s so easy to be thankful for all of our blessings, but what if we actually put shoes on our gratitude and took it out for a more

  • More Than Enough

    More Than Enough

    Stress and worry are timeless – but God meets our needs in miraculous ways. A New Testament-set monologue with a twist. more

  • The Dryer Fairy

    The Dryer Fairy

    Rick and Toodie learn to give thanks “in all things.” Great illustration for Thanksgiving or to accompany a message on more

  • Lord, Come to Our Table

    Lord, Come to Our Table

    A responsive prayer of invitation to the Father as we thank Him for His many blessings. more

  • My First Thanksgiving

    My First Thanksgiving

    Hosting her first Thanksgiving has Avery in a grocery store panic, until a voice of experience provides a “reality check” more

  • What’s The Deal With Christians and Thanksgiving?

    What’s The Deal With Christians and Thanksgiving?

    Hannah, a friendly barista, wants to know what the deal is with Christians and Thanksgiving and makes the connection that it’s more

  • The Community of Leopards

    The Community of Leopards

    Grady has a great illustration for why we should be grateful no matter what. more

  • Thanksgiving: Explained

    Thanksgiving: Explained

    Gary and Grady take a few minutes to explain why we observe Thanksgiving. more

  • Thanksgiving: God’s Family

    Thanksgiving: God’s Family

    One family stops to count their blessings and as they do, realize that they each have a lot to be thankful for. more

  • His Unfailing Love

    His Unfailing Love

    This Responsive Reading is a declaration of thanksgiving to God who loves and provides for His people. more

  • The Thanksgiving Table

    The Thanksgiving Table

    It’s Thanksgiving and two turkeys are thankful they didn’t get chosen to grace the table! They are soon joined by some more

  • The Shapes of Thankfulness

    The Shapes of Thankfulness

    When we stop and focus on what we are truly thankful for, we can find joy…even in the midst of a stressful, busy life. more

  • Thanksgiving at My House

    Thanksgiving at My House

    Two families display the contrast between those who choose to be thankful and those who choose not to be. more

  • The Thanksgiving Toast

    The Thanksgiving Toast

    Three siblings reminisce about being subjected to their long-winded father’s tradition of a heavenly-minded Thanksgiving Toast. more

  • Turkey Wisdom

    Turkey Wisdom

    Who knew a giant, talking turkey could have so much wisdom? Take a look at this humorous illustration of what happens when we say the more

  • Turkey Brothers

    Turkey Brothers

    Two unfortunately named brothers discuss how we have a knack for overlooking God’s blessings in the most trivial of ways when really, more

  • Turkey Tactics

    Turkey Tactics

    This skit focuses on breaking in a newbie to the artful practice of organizing, cooking and arranging Thanksgiving dinner. more

  • A Man’s Survival Guide to Thanksgiving

    A Man’s Survival Guide to Thanksgiving

    Start your worship service or sermon off with this Thanksgiving How-To Guide for men. It’s served fresh with healthy portions of more

  • Your Thanksgiving Inventory

    Your Thanksgiving Inventory

    There are many ways to count your blessings this Thanksgiving. This script illustrates the importance of doing a quick inventory of all more

  • All Mom Wants For Thanksgiving

    All Mom Wants For Thanksgiving

    Two moms take a moment to express their excitement for the Thanksgiving holiday, full of fun family memories…well at least for one more

  • The Black Friday Huddle

    The Black Friday Huddle

    It’s that time of year again! A time of celebration, a time of giving…a time for practicing your best moves to knock over more

  • His Love Endures Forever

    His Love Endures Forever

    A prayer of thanksgiving to God and a response from God’s Word from Jeremiah 32 and 33. more

  • A Thanksgiving Responsive Reading

    A Thanksgiving Responsive Reading

    This is a responsive reading for a Thanksgiving service filled with Scripture about praising God for his many blessings. more

  • Talking Turkey

    Talking Turkey

    This script by Tommy Woodard is a humorous look at a woman who is fed up with the lack of “thanks” and “giving” more

  • Thankful


    When it comes to what you’re thankful for, is it things that are temporary or things that are more eternal that come to your mind more

  • Family Matters

    Family Matters

    Three very different sisters and their families spend Christmas (or Thanksgiving) together, personalities clash, and some things never more

  • Rich Man, Poor Man

    Rich Man, Poor Man

    This skit is about two strangers who meet at an airport just before Thanksgiving. The meeting happens outside the TSA security as more