Believe Easter Series

2013 Egg Hunt Winners

We hope you enjoyed this years Egg Hunt. As some of you experienced, we were a little overwhelmed with how many of you came out for the hunt. This is our 4th year running the Egg Hunt and it was our biggest turnout yet. Thank you all for playing along.

Now, we are eggcited to announce the winners of the 2013 Annual Egg Hunt! If you see your name listed here, we will be contacting you by email within the next few days to give you your prize! So without further ado…

Wild Card Winner - iPad Mini + $100 Credit
- Joseph Walter

1st Place - $100 Credit
- Daryl Lim

2nd Place - $50 Credit
- Jessica Aschemier

3rd Place - $20 Credit:
- Amanda Tutt
- Argent Brown
- Diane Tait

2nd Place Wild Card Winner - $50 Credit
- Angie Precure
- Ashlyn Roberts

Congratulations everyone! We hope you all had as much fun as we did.