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Best Youth Ministry Videos

Best Youth Ministry Videos

On our Skit Guys Facebook page we heard from a youth worker who told us she ran into an "old" student from their youth ministry. She asked him if he remembered her wonderful teaching he said, "I remember you gave us chocolate and showed us Skit Guys videos."

Not sure about chocolate, but we do know the power of stories when used to illustrate life-changing lessons. We know students like watching videos, but as someone who has been charged with discipling these students, you don't want to show just any old video.

We asked youth workers all over to share with us their favorite Skit Guys videos for youth ministry. We compiled this feedback of videos that are frequently shown in youth ministry into a list that you can use when you need a go to video. Over time, these videos have been proven to entertain, minister and disciple students and leave a long lasting impact on their lives.

If you have any additions you would like to see to this list, please sound off in the comments section below. We want to hear your feedback on these videos and how they have worked in your ministry. Thanks for doing what you do in the lives of students. Now grab some chocolate and start watching!