Bring a group to FAMILY CAMP & get a personalized video from Tommy & Eddie!

Get a personalized video from Tommy Eddie

By now you've hopefully heard that our very first feature film, FAMILY CAMP, is coming to theaters across the U.S. starting on May 13. It's a family-friendly, faith-based comedy, and we believe God can use this movie to bring hope and healing (and a whole lot of laughs) to families.

The way movies work is that theaters will only keep a movie around if it performs well opening weekend. For that reason, we're trying to get as many groups to go see the movie the weekend of May 13. The more people who see it opening weekend, the longer it stays in theaters and the more families can be impacted.

We have a team who can help you coordinate a group ticket purchase or a buyout of a showing of the movie. You can fill out the form here, and they'll reach out to help you get the best price from your local theater.

For every group that brings 50 or more people to the movies opening weekend, we will create a personalized video to say hi and thank you to your group.


  1. Fill out the group request form here.
  2. Work with our group tickets team to book your showing for opening weekend.
  3. Once you receive a confirmation email/receipt, fill out this form. (Form must be submitted by April 29, 2022 to receive your personalized video.)
  4. The guys will deliver a personalized video for you to share with your group!
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