Christmas 2021 Best-Selling Scripts to Perform for Churches

Christmas is just around the corner. Here is a list of script ideas that are most popular this year. We've got you covered for Christmas script ideas, monologues, and plays.

The following script ideas are the most popular this year:

Best-Selling Christmas Monologues

While seeking a lost sheep from his flock, a lone shepherd sees the angel’s announcement of Christ’s birth from afar. He realizes his search for the one is more important than he thought.

A humorous way to introduce an Advent, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Service, this comedic monologue depicts a disappointed Suzy Snowflake as she realizes that the Messiah’s birthday can still be celebrated without snow.

A frazzled young woman struggles with the disenchantment that can come when our holiday expectations don't align with reality, and the idols we mistakenly establish in our hearts.

This monologue, designed to be presented on Christmas Eve before the story of Jesus' birth is shared, expresses through one voice the many thoughts and feelings of those who are drawn to Christmas.

Do you ever feel that God is nowhere near and can’t understand your pain? Over 2000 years ago, Jesus, God’s Son, came into the world, not as royalty but as a baby born in a stable full of muck and animals. This script reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made by humbling himself to become one of us. It was a dirty job and he didn’t have to do it…but the world is changed because he did.

Best-Selling Christmas Plays

A Christmas Play: The town of Bethlehem is on the verge of a world changing event, the birth of our Savior. A young couple expecting a baby has traveled to Bethlehem to be counted as part of the Roman census. Mary’s baby is about to be born and Joseph looks for a place for them to stay. The audience will get to experience the events of the night through the reporting of the Nazareth Evening news. In addition, field reporters will bring breaking news updates, interview eyewitnesses who saw the choir of angels, and report on the census “debacle.” Shepherds, Wisemen, and even Mary and Joseph are interviewed by eager reporters excited to get the story out. This version of the nativity story creatively and humorously mixes biblical truths with present day elements and jargon.

In this one-act, children's Christmas Eve play, the story of Jesus' birth is told. As the storyteller narrates in rhyme, Joseph, Mary, the Innkeeper, and a Shepherd share their stories.

This easy-to-stage Christmas pageant requires no rehearsal and has a role for everyone! Children can be the primary participants or the whole congregation can get involved (including the pastor)! Guided by a storyteller, participants get in on the act in this memorable pageant celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Used by Ruth and Naomi, Mary and Joseph, and possibly even the Magi, the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is integral to the story redemption. This play, set on that road, uses humor to tell the story of Christmas in a new way, and leaves the audience with the message that Jesus welcomes everyone. No clean up required!

This Christmas Play is a series of casting calls for different parts in the Living Nativity which include the parts for Mary, Joseph, Wise Men and more (7 total). Read the preview and watch the video below to see how this play can be modified to fit your service. This Play includes: Scripts, Artwork and sample performance videos. You can optionally purchase the individual parts below under related items.

We also have some great new Christmas plays this year to review as well.

Christmas Series Bundles

The Finding Advent Series consists of a series of five scripts: "Finding Grace (When Everything Seems Shut Down and Cancelled)" "Finding Joy (When It Seems to Have Disappeared)" "Finding Love (By Fueling Your Heart With Thanks)" "Finding Peace (By Turning Off Your Phone)" "Finding Hope (Like a Ten Dollar Bill When You Need It)". Written so that they can performed as monologues on stage, filmed for your online service, or as dramatic readings if you’re doing church via Zoom, these scripts will help your church find the GRACE, JOY, LOVE, PEACE and HOPE that are at the heart of the Christmas story all over again this year!

The Voices of Advent Series Script Bundle includes all 5 scripts from the Voices of Advent Series: Voices of Advent: The Man Who Overcame the Wind Voices of Advent: The Man Who Slipped Through the Roof Voices of Advent: The Woman with the Issue of Blood Voices of Advent: The Woman Who Washed His Feet with Tears Voices of Advent: The Woman Who Carried God in Her Womb These modern-day monologues can be performed or read in-person or online. The scripts in the Voices of Advent series will help your congregation reimagine a famous passages of the Bible and experience the miracle of Christmas with renewed wonder.

This First Christmas Script Bundle features reflections from Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, The Inn Keeper, A Wiseman, A Shepherd. Can be used for as part of a Christmas Play or individually in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This script bundle also includes the music used in the videos as mp3 files for your use.

A series of 6, 2-minute, Readers Theatre that explores the prophecy made in Isaiah 9:6. This series includes all six scripts including: A Child is Born, A Son is Given, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, and Wonderful Counselor.

A series of 5, 2-minute, Readers Theatre to incorporate into your church service as you lead your congregation toward Jesus' birth. This series includes all six scripts including: I Am Hope, I Am Joy, I Am Light, I Am Love, and I Am Peace.

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