Christmas Readers Theatre Tip

If you are performing a Readers Theatre or Responsive Reading this Christmas, we have a tip for conversational. When you read your script, don't worry about being dramatic, but open up to the audience. Acknowledge their presence. Know your part well enough so you can delievery it comfortably as if you were talking to someone sitting out in the audience. Don't worry about forgetting your lines, you will have your script right in front of you to read from if necessary. It's perfectly okay to look down and read from your script, just try not to have your eyes glued to it. Read your part as yourself just as if you were having a conversation with your best friend and you will have a successful reading.

We know not everyone has the time or resources to pull off a drama for their Christmas service. Trying to pull together actors, memorizing lines and staging just might not fit for your church. Still, drama is always a great way to connect with people. This is why we enjoy Readers Theatre and Responsive Readings so much! Compared to a regular drama script, they don't require as much preparation or rely on ones acting skills. Below are a few Christmas Readers Theatre scripts available on Try one this Christmas! You might become a fan of Readers Theatre just as much as we are!

If you have a question about Readers Theater or Responsive Readings, leave us a comment below.

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