Christmas Skit Ideas Roundtable 2020

Listen in as several script writers from talk about how their churches are doing Christmas differently this year in light of COVID-19. You may be inspired to try something new with skits or plays at your church!

Christmas Scripts Featured In The Roundtable

A teenage girl is making a YouTube video about getting ready for Christmas and is eventually joined by her brother and Mom. Her mom's input doesn't really fit with the theme of the girl's video, though it does point to a more biblical idea of preparing for Christmas.

As a group recaps the struggles of 2020, we are reminded that in the quiet of Christmas Eve we can find the wonder of Christmas. Designed to be performed socially distanced.

Can Christmas still be merry when everything seems anything but?

This is a dramatic reading/monologue about the greatest story ever told.

In this melodic spoken word or Readers Theatre, three shepherds share their tale of a miraculous event.

In dueling monologues, Mary and Joseph come to grips with a major change in their lives.

A daughter calls home before Christmas to inform her parents of a change of plans that will take her away from the family for the holidays, causing mom and dad to rethink their priorities.

A humorous way to introduce an Advent, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Service, this comedic monologue depicts a disappointed Suzy Snowflake as she realizes that the Messiah’s birthday can still be celebrated without snow.

In this lively skit, two anchors bring exciting news about Santa, his reindeer, and more. But what about the Good News? Works great as a sermon setup or as part of a Christmas service.

Too often Christmas is stolen from our lives without us even recognizing that it’s gone. This play highlights 8 distractions that can take our focus away from the true meaning of Christmas and cause us to miss the joy of the season. Perform the scenes individually as illustrations for a sermon series or as a full play. Each scene is 2-5 minutes in length for a total time of 40–45 minutes.

Rather than a letter to Santa, in this monologue and adult writes a letter to Christmas expressing love for the holiday carols, gingerbread, and merriment. But, the writer has one request: to keep Jesus as the focus.

While wrapping a present, a woman (or man) explains why her focus and priorities have shifted a little this Christmas. A perfect script for sharing the hope we have in Jesus this Christmas. Includes a male and female version of the script.

Hanging of the Greens is a great way to start your holiday season by setting our hearts and minds on Jesus through worship. Placing the signs of the seasons throughout your worship center will serve as reminders of God’s love for us by sending His Son Jesus. Use the Readers Theater and congregation liturgy together to create a unique experience for your church.

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