Easter Skit Ideas Roundtable 2020

Join script writers Dave Tippett, Paul Neil, Rachel Benjamin, Rebecca Wimmer, along with SkitGuys.com's Carrie Varnell, in a chat about getting creative with scripts for the Easter season in 2021.

You may be inspired to try something new with skits or plays at your church (in person or online)!

Easter Scripts Featured In The Roundtable

In this scene, the crucifixion is retold through the eyes of Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Thief on the cross, and Nicodemus. This script can stand alone as part of a Good Friday service or can be combined with the other scenes from The Easter Story series.

In this scene, John 13 is retold through the eyes of John, Peter, and Judas. This script can stand alone as part of a Maundy Thursday service or can be combined with the other scenes from The Easter Story series.

John 20 is retold through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Thomas.

A newly married woman recounts her first Easter with her in-laws and their different and unexpected menu, drawing parallels to the fact that the first Easter was also unexpected.

This series bundle includes all 6 scripts from the "Letting Go of..." series, "Letting Go of Control - The Event Planner", "Letting Go of Enemies - The Banker", "Letting Go of Expectations - The Prospector", "Letting Go of Popularity - The Sorority Girl", "Letting Go of Superiority - The Pageant Girl", "Letting Go of The Fear of Death - The Nurse". Each monologue lasts approximately 7 minutes.

This Readers Theatre series for Lent contains all 5 scripts from the Things of God series.

A bundled version of the "A Snapshot from Good Friday" script series. Includes 6 scripts, featuring the perspectives of Peter, John, Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of the Good Criminal, the Daughter of Jarius, and the Centurion.

In this Palm Sunday monologue, Peter looks forward with great anticipation (and irony) to the week ahead as the Messiah is celebrated.

This full-length, 2-act play is a drama set in the time of Christ, imagining the story of the two thieves who died alongside Jesus at Calvary. Nathan and Benjamin, brothers by adoption, end up taking different paths in life, and yet end up in the same place at the end, finding themselves literally crucified with Christ. Includes poster and title artwork.

In this monologue for a teen or adult, the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) is brought to the crucifixion story, imagining what it would've been like to be part of the story.

The Easter Bunny is being questioned about his role in Jesus' resurrection as two interrogators try to figure out the connection between the candy-delivering rabbit and Easter Sunday. A virtual version and an in-person version of the script are included with this purchase.

The Bible has some "notorious" characters who encounter the truth of Jesus and whose lives show his transforming love in all its glory. Save 20% with this collection of 5 scripts which includes monologues for Zacchaeus, The Woman Who Anoints Jesus, The Woman Caught in Adultery, The Woman at the Well, and Paul.

Christianity 101. It's the basics of what we believe as Christians starting from Creation and God's existence then focusing on the Bible and its import and validity. This script then moves into describing the Messiah and the life that Jesus lived and why that is important to us as we learn to live out God's love in the world as the Followers of the Way, Christians, the Church. This script is broken up in to 4 sets.

This collection of five reader's theatre style scripts leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus is perfect for incorporating into your sermon or worship service leading up to Easter.

The many beloved trappings and traditions of Easter are personified in this children's play as all of them try to claim that you can't have Easter without...well, them! But they are about to discover the real meaning of Easter and understand their role is important in helping to celebrate the season.

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