Flat Guys 2012 Photo Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2012 Flat Guys Photo Contest! We received many great entries and it was difficult to pick our top 3, but our Skit Guys Team helped vote to narrow down the winners. If you won, we will be in contact with you soon with your prize. You can view all the entries in our Flat Guys Photo Gallery.

1st Place

Uganda meets Flat Guys

The Story:
I didn’t have anywhere “cool” to take my flat guys to, so I harassed my co-worker who went on a mission trip to Uganda. She said she would rather just buy me a Skit Guys t-shirt, but since I laminated the guys she thought they would hold up to the travel and came back with this cool pic

2nd Place

Going into Orbit

The Story:
Tommy: I thought we were going on vacation.
Eddie: We are.
Tommy: No we’re in outer space.
Eddie: Exactly! It’s the perfect place to go. No cell phones, no internet, no people letting their dogs poop in your yard…
Tommy: What?!
Eddie: Nothing.
Tommy: Well you do have a point…it’s very quiet.
Eddie: See? I knew you’d like it!
Tommy: So…how do we get down?

3rd Place

Flat Guys Work at Kmart

The Story:
Tommy: Hey Eddie?
Eddie: Ya, T?
Tommy: I thought we were suppossed to be on vacation?
Eddie: We are.
Tommy: Then what are we doing working in a Kmart store?
Eddie: We’re just helping Karen out. If she has to be stuck inside, we can be stuck inside with her. At least there is A/C.
Tommy: I guess so. Hey!! Do you think we could get Laugh with the Skit Guys on these T.V.‘s?

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