How to Make a Palm Tree

Palm Trees


  • Carpet rolls- cardboard roll from a carpet store; store may be glad to get rid of someLunch size brown paper bags
  • TapeStapler
  • UmbrellaGreen bulletin board paper
  • Brownish green tempera paintScraps of burlap material or sand-colored fabric
  • Stand for tree: we have used microphone stands, flag poles, pvc pipe anchored in large vegetable cans full of cement that we used for holding signs during VBS.Cut the bottom end of the paper bag so that it's open at both ends and thread down the carpet roll. Scrunch first one all the way to the bottom of the roll and staple it so it won't fall off. Keep scrunching the bags until the roll is covered. You will want to cut the rolls so they are varying heights like real palm trees. Slide the roll over your stand.

Now for the top. Your base for that is an umbrella - people have lots of them lying around and are glad to give them to you. Otherwise go to a dollar store.

Cut individual palm leafs from the green bulletin board paper. Slit the edges of the leaves about 2-3 inches from the edge to give it the palm look. Then with your greenish brown tempera (or a brown marker) make the veins in the leaf. Then attach those to the umbrella from the top with some sort of packing tape or duct tape. Make a roll of tape (or use double stick tape), attach to the plastic knob on the top and stick the leaf there. Leaf should hang down below the umbrella. After you have the fullness (may take 8-10 leaves) you desire, staple the leaves to the fabric of the umbrella. For a more realistic look, don't staple them flat. You can buckle the leaves (or as my southern mother says “pooch” them) to make them stand out in random places. Slide the umbrella into the top of the cardboard carpet roll.

Wrap the base of the can with burlap to look like sand.

Now you’re in Jerusalem! Shalom!

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