How To Read The Bible

Read This: “And so we too constantly thank God that when you received God’s message that you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human message, but as it truly is, God’s message, which is at work among you who believe.” (1 Thessalonians 2:13)

Think: Do you remember the first love letter you ever got from a crush? Or maybe that cherished note was an acceptance letter to the college of your choice or a job offer you really worked hard for. Did you read it over and over again, studying each word and analyzing the punctuation? Maybe you carried it around with you, or guarded it in a special place where nothing could hurt it.

What if we approached the Bible with the same enthusiasm? What would it look like if we were that intentional every time we read it? And there’s no reason we can’t be. The Bible is the craziest, wildest, truest story ever told—no Hollywood film or best-selling novel can match the depth of its plot. It’s not just a story about how Christianity came to be or how to become a Christian; it’s the story of the universe from beginning to end. It’s the story of God’s unwavering love and redemptive plan for every soul ever born. It’s the story of us.

The Bible is God’s letter to us and we should be bending over backwards to make it a priority. It tells us who we are, where we come from, and where we’re heading. God thought it was important enough to give the words to someone to write down thousands of years ago and divinely protect it so that we would still have it today. It’s important enough not just to read, but to study and understand—not just reading the words but understanding the heart of God.

Read your Bible, love on it, cherish it, and let it be the tool that brings you into a closer relationship with God. My favorite Bible is one I received from my parents in junior high and I used it until all the way through college and beyond. It’s been lost more times than I can count, left out in the rain, and accompanied me all over the world on mission trips. I don’t carry it around with me anymore because the pages are falling out, but I hold on to it anyway because all the underlined passages and notes in the margins are a reminder of God’s faithfulness to me over the years and the many lessons he’s taught me along the way.

Ask: Why is it hard to read the Bible sometimes? How do you keep your time in God’s word fresh and meaningful?

Pray: Ask God to reveal his truth to you and give you a deeper understanding as you spend time in his word. Thank him for making the Bible available to you.

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