Interview with Ugly Christmas Sweaters Author Knox McCoy

We sat down with one of our authors, Knox McCoy, and talked with him about his popular Christmas monologue script, Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

So Knox, do you have something against Christmas sweaters?

Knox: That's a great question. I have a LOT of things against Christmas sweaters and if we really want to delve into it, I think a major reason for our societal decay is due in large part to the acceptance of ugly Christmas sweaters as 'ok." There isn't anything ok about it.

Sounds like a blog post for another day. For now, let's focus on your script "Ugly Christmas Sweaters." What prompted you to write this script?

Knox: I wrote it because I was interested in the idea of people changing their behaviors, their decorations, their taste in music and their fashion-sense for one month out of the year. Basically the seasonality of behavior. It's an interesting idea that we all knowingly change the way we act for one month and how, truly, this idea also manifests itself in our faith. Christians are very seasonal or at least I am.

Why do you think we are seasonal creatures?

Knox: Good question. I think we're very prone to compartmentalization and seasonality plays into that. On Sundays, we're supposed to be good and polite. And on other days, we can cede control back to the part of ourselves that gets things done. Similarly, each season allows us to take our cues on how to act: first we eat candy, then later we eat turkey, then we eat candy, turkey and sweets WHILE opening presents. It's all very fluid.

So while it's easier to compartmentalize and section off the Christ-influenced parts of who we are, what we really should be doing is allowing that to trickle into every aspect of who we are, just as we should allow charitability and generosity to be active parts of us beyond just Christmas.

For those who will be performing Ugly Christmas Sweaters this holiday season, any tips or advice?

Knox: If you choose to wear an Ugly Sweater for the actual performance, burn it afterwards. Immediately. Also, have fun.

Learn more about the scripts available by Knox McCoy and preview Ugly Christmas Sweaters today! If you performed this script, pleaes leave a comment below and let us know how it went!

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