Resources for Online Church

Hopefully by now you know that we've made the majority of our videos available for streaming in your online services (as long as you're using the video within the context of your service, and not posting it directly to social media on its own). You'll see a yellow highlighted box under the video title that says "Includes Streaming Rights" where applicable. (The videos that don't include streaming rights may not have copyright-free music, and could potentially get your entire service video pulled from YouTube or Facebook, so be sure to only include videos that include those streaming rights).

In addition, we've made a church invite video that can be used on your social media platforms (check out "Every Day the Same" here). Look for the graphic that says "For Social Media Sharing" to know which videos can be posted directly onto your church's social media platforms. These are designed so you can reach your congregation and make it easy for them to share and invite others to your church. It's also customizable, meaning you can add your church's name and/or URL into the closing graphic. (You can watch a tutorial on how to do simple customization using iMovie below.)

You might want to look at some email solutions that allow you to easily share videos of encouragement that you create for your communities, or the online church invite that has social sharing rights. One of them that Tommy mentions is Flocknote. Another (and they do have discounts for churches, you just have to ask them) is BombBomb.

Another question that we’ve gotten a lot is “How are you doing services online?” Well, we found a great product called Ecamm Live. The plus is that it’s really easy to use (and Tommy actually made a video to give some examples on how he’s used it below). The downside is that it’s an Apple-only product. If you’re on a PC, there’s a product called Many Cam that looks similar and might be useful.

We’re by no means experts at any of these products, but are trying to figure all of this out as well. If we come up with some other products or have new thoughts, we’ll pass those hints, tips or tricks along!

Personalizing Online Invite Tutorial

Ecamm Live Tutorial

skitguys video
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