Skits In A Pinch: Grace

*Skits In A Pinch is a new blog series where we offer suggestions for videos or scripts that can be pulled off with a less than ideal timeline.

Drama Team get sick? Worship set isn’t hitting the length of time that you needed...Never fear! Skits in a Pinch is your here to save the day!

Grace. Such a big and complex issue, but yet so straightforward and simple when you boil it down. It’s so easy to forget what Grace really means and where it applies in our lives. With God. With friends. With loved ones. With ourselves.

What better way to look at Grace than in one of the first and most iconic examples of it. Fresh on the heels of his three denials, Peter was extended Grace. What he felt was unforgivable was made forgivable and not because of anything he did, but because of what Christ did.

As you consider the idea of grace, consider how you interact with it.

Do you try to earn it?

Do you give it to others and in turn, do you let others give it to you?

No actors are needed for this. You’ll need access to video monitors and an ability to play a downloaded video. Also, an understanding of volume control is great too, but it’s not mandatory.

The total time for the video is just over 3:30, so it’s long enough to make a point, but not so long that the Worship Leader will be annoyed by it.

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