The Flat Guys 2011 Photo Contest Winners!

We're excited to announce the winners of The Flat Guys Photo Contest for 2011. We had many fun entries this year (see the photo gallery) and we enjoyed looking through your photos and reading your stories. There are a lot of creative people out there! We even had a tie for 3rd place! If you are one of our winners, we will be contacting you with information about your prize. Without further ado, this years' winners are:

1st Place - from Germany

Winner of an iPod Touch and a $100 Gift Certificate.

The Story:

This year the FlatGuys wanted to have an adventurous vacation! Unfortunately they did not think of some strangers living in the Jungle! But they should soon discover that the gift of making people laugh not only works at church events… :)

2nd Place - from Missouri

Winner of a $100 Gift Certificate.

The Story:

We love the Skit Guys and so do our kids so it just felt right that the Flat Guys join our oldest son on his first day of kindergarten.

3rd Place Tie - from Missouri

Winner of a $50 Gift Certificate.

The Story:

Seriously, we are sitting in Sunday School eating Beanie Weenies and Lucky Monkey when we thought we heard thunder; kakoosh, kakoosh. It sounded a little strange, so we went outside expecting to see a cumulonimbus thunder cloud, and that’s when we saw them. Tommy and Eddie were on the steeple. We cowered in fear until we heard Eddie giggle like a girl and say, “I don’t think this was part of the script.”

3rd Place Tie - from Florida

Winner of a $50 Gift Certificate.

The Story:

Tom and Eddie spent some time instructing Special Ops Airman on how to lift weights “their way” and got quite a laugh.

If you are one of our winners, you will be contacted soon!

We hope you had fun with The Flat Guys this Summer! Don't wait for next summer to play along, you can print off The Flat Guys and take them with you on your next adventure and submit your photo for 2012!

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